The Official England Youtube Channel – Tunnel Cam for England v Hungary – 11 August 2010

FATV has exclusive behind the scenes footage in the Wembley tunnel. As well as interview with ITV match commentator Clive Tyldesley. England v Hungary 11 Aug 2010 Full Squad Hart (Manchester Town), Fielding (Blackburn), Loach (Watford) Cahill (Bolton), A Cole (Chelsea), Dawson (Tottenham), Gibbs (Arsenal), Jagielka (Everton), G Johnson (Liverpool), Terry (Chelsea) Barry (Manchester Town), Gerrard (Liverpool), A Johnson (Manchester City), Lampard (Chelsea), Milner (Aston Villa), Young (Aston Villa), Walcott (Arsenal), Wilshere (Arsenal) Bent (Sunderland), C Cole (West Ham), Rooney (Manchester United), Zamora (Fulham). England Hungary friendly FA “Tim Lovejoy” FATV England English activity news football soccer score scores objectives “Globe Cup” highlights 2010 FIFA UEFA greatest best expertise great win beat victory vuvuzela one- beckham gerrard wilshere gibbs brown rooney walcott robinson foster capello 世界杯足球2010
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. it would be great if they could get in the dressing room for warm ups and stuff…

  2. @nobrainwashedboy How would you be feeling if what your walking into could be a wall of boo’s or a wall of applause’s? I would be shitting myself in their situation. They were all nervous and you can tell by their faces, however they pulled out in the end 🙂 A much improvement after the WC disaster 🙂

  3. some fucking team spirit eh everyone looks gloom,long gone the days of old with gazza and them.

  4. @ThisEnglishBoy u should just add ur bf on facebook and there u can have a nice chat together rather than fill this video with ur spam

  5. @ThisEnglishBoy awwh yeah, Geelong and Essendon, Collingwood ! Used to be on c4 way back aswell. Old skool kits etc, proper game by the looks of aswell. i dont think the aussies would take too kindly to ashley coles’s of this world or rooney telling his country to practically fuck off when he’s had a shocker! We always seem to rip the aussies yet it seems a lot better place to live than here on all fronts! This country has gone to the dogs!

  6. knowing the FA (which stands for Fuck All) That’s what they know about the game. When some bum licking moderator reads this thread will convienently delete our post i reckon, if you cant admit the truth, then just cover it up! Fucking Wankers, i hope they all get cancer !

  7. @ThisEnglishBoy Touche pal, Touche… Goal Lazio ! Saturday moring channel 4 ! Them days are long gone i’m afraid! I just hope it gets to such a point that the whole country revolts against it, but looking at all the bum lickers last night i think it will be a long time yet! And as for a worldwide salary cap by fifa, i’m just wishful thinking, That Sepp blatter clown wouldn’t no a good idea even if he thought it up himself. Football as we knew it, is a long slow a very painful to watch death.

  8. @StretfordReds I’ve started to get more into the Bundesliga and Aussie Rules Football on ESPN. English football could learn a lot from Aussie Rules.

  9. @StretfordReds Agreed! Would be nice to see some of our footballers fly out to Afghanistan for a few days to entertain the troops like what singers, comedians and glamour models do. I guess they’re all too busy getting their hair and nails done, buying the latest diamond ear-rings, shagging some dumb model and falling out of nightclubs for that to ever happen. I’m just glad to have experienced football in the 90’s and watched shows like Gazzetta Football Italia and The Champions League then.

  10. How about a week in Afganistan for Brooking and all at the FA, Capello and the team? Oh but only £250 a week though, that would be good !

  11. @ThisEnglishBoy ashley cole typifies the modern footballer, not all , but defo most of them. On one hand gerrard b4 game saying he’d boo, we deserve crit etc etc. Then 2 goals later and a scabby win, were all a bit out of order and the crits were a bit harsh!! The arrogance is beyond fucking belief! All be forgotten by the sheep come the euro’s though! I hope we don’t even get there! Can’t believe i am saying that but something needs to change or it will just get worse! worldwide salary cap !!

  12. @ThisEnglishBoy Again pal, couldn’t of put it better myself, well said. It’s what the majority of us think, but it won’t stop us going to support our own teams i guess, why should we, but maybe that will change with age My old man was a st holder for 38 years! But hasn’t been since 1994 He can’t stand the way it’s gone, i used to think, what’s up wiv u dad, but i am beginning to understand now! But all the bum lickers out there will always exist and paper over the cracks and the real peeps voice

  13. @StretfordReds Sad but true. We have potentially better managers and people who’d run the FA properly in the local pub, than we have doing the actual job. Looking at these mugs pretending to be men whilst trying to look all hard and tough is just a joke/sickening. The arrogance written all over Ashley Cole’s face sums up what most top flight English players are like these days. To think there were actual soldiers in the crowd who get less in 5yrs than these tw@’s get in a week/month. Hmm.

  14. look at all these stupid corperate bum lickers in suit pampering to all these overpaid spoilt pre madonna’s laugh a minute , shame on you.

  15. @ThisEnglishBoy well said mate. The FA will never listen to the fans, just keep patronising us as usual. They dont give a fuck whilst their pockets are being lined thought. Sad but true! If not they would be doing everything in their power to prove us wrong…Cue the next 100 years of fuck all