Manchester City 3-0 Aston Villa | The FA Cup 5th Round

Manchester City secured an FA Cup quarter last at home to Studying right after a convincing win about Aston Villa. Objectives from Yaya Toure, Mario Balotelli and David Silva.
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. @BedroomBassist The FA Cup is bigger than the Scottish Premier League, who watches Celtic?

  2. Aston Villa should be ashamed of themselves and fined just like Holloway was for fielding a weakened team.

  3. Because Adam Johnson is injured but I don’t know about James Milner you see I am a MC (Manchester City) fan but Milner did play in the Notts County game when we smashed them 5-0 so that was good all we have to do know is proceed and win the astonishing FA Cup probably against MU (Manchester United).

  4. @KamelBackk , it is because milner is being rested for the premier league, and johnson is injured.

  5. I have got to admit that Balotelli’s goal was fantastic, David Villa looked very good.

  6. This game was played like a training game.. reeeally boring. Turned it off at half time and watched the Celtic v Rangers game instead!! Just me?