Manchester City join Chelsea as the favourites to lift the FA Cup this season.

The top English sides will battle Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur respectively for a place in the final. While it a difficult task, they hold a slight advantage ahead of the clash next month.

The bookies favour both sides to move ahead but Chelsea are still the likely club to do the double – with their Premier League advantage.

Pep Guardiola’s men booked their spot in the last four with a big victory away at Middlesbrough. They have not won the tournament since the 2010/11 season; in fact, they are reaching the last four for the first time in four years. Betfair places them 2/1 in the odds of beating the Blues to the title in May.

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Owen back in the red Soccer Uniform and at the top of the league

Report by Giorgio Pirelli

Season 2009/10 was going to be a nervous 1 for Liverpool enthusiasts anyway, what with Manchester United searching to sneak beyond them with regards to titles won but issues just obtained harder for the Liverpool reds. A single of their favourite sons has signed a contract for Manchester United and in the irony of ironies, he could be the guy who fires Manchester United to the proud placement of getting won the most leading flight domestic titles in England. To those on the outdoors, Michael Owen wearing the red soccer kit of Manchester United will not be also different from Michael Owen sporting the red soccer jersey from Liverpool but for enthusiasts of both clubs, it is a defining second of a time that is nevertheless to kick-off.

Owen has struggled at Newcastle United, in no way really searching at ease in the black and white striped kit of the Magpies but as a club, Newcastle have been on a downward spiral for a amount of many years. This has culminated in their relegation and although some followers hoped that their huge title players would remain and help them bounce back again to the Premier League, far more have been content to get the underachievers off the wage bill. Getting lost his place in the England squad and with a planet cup year forward, there is no way that Michael Owen could afford to play Championship football for a time but it appeared as though his prime flight possibilities have been not going to be too appealing. As considerably as the sight of Michael Owen in the Newcastle soccer kit was odd, if the player was seen taking part in the Hull Metropolis soccer uniform, it would have been the death-knell for his profession. That’s why the shock transfer to Manchester United may possibly just be point to revitalise the player and maybe get him on the aircraft to South Africa.

Its apparent that Owen would almost certainly have favored a return to Anfield and have the probability to play in front of the Kop once more but Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has never been an admirer of the player. He had the opportunity to acquire him before which was declined and even though Liverpool’s league hopes very last time disintegrated since of a lack of a poacher, Benitez even now believes he is far better off without him. This left Owen wanting for another club and in England, they really don’t come any larger than Manchester United which is why Owen could hardly flip down the lure of Previous Trafford.

Its not as if United will need to increase their world-wide branding but thinking about they have new residence and away soccer uniforms to promote this season, bringing in an additional globe popular player like Michael Owen will do them no hurt. They may possibly have lost Cristiano Ronaldo, who will be enjoying in the all white soccer uniform of True Madrid subsequent season, and Owen is no Ronaldo but it offers the club one more star striker who can grab targets when they need them most. Do not count on Michael Owen to be taking part in week in and week out for United but you can count on him to arrive off the bench in tight matches and he could prove to be the deciding element in a league campaign that is destined to be tight.

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Premier League Super MatchTime: Manchester City Vs Manchester United

Article by Suresh Iyer

Manchester Metropolis will host Manchester United at the Metropolis of Manchester Stadium on Wednesday, November 10, in the Premier League.

The match among Manchester City and Manchester United will take area at twenty:00, Greenwich Indicate Time, or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), as it is named.

In circumstance, you do not know what time it will be in your region, when the match between Manchester Metropolis and Manchester United starts, take a seem at the list beneath:

The subsequent matches will also get area at the same time: Everton Vs Bolton, Wolves Vs Arsenal

(We at SportingAttitude have furnished this checklist as a Public Service Initiative to support football fans improve their enjoyment of the sport. This is in keeping with our guiding philosophy.)

Afghanistan Kabul Thu 00:30

Algeria Thu Algiers Wed 21:00

Argentina Thu Buenos Aires Wed 17:00

Australia Thu Australian Funds Territory Thu Canberra Thu 07:00

Australia Thu New South Wales Thu Sydney Thu 07:00

Australia Thu Northern Territory Thu Darwin Thu 05:30

Australia Thu Queensland Thu Brisbane Thu 06:00

Australia Thu South Australia Thu Adelaide Thu 06:30

Australia Thu Victoria Thu Melbourne Thu 07:00

Australia Thu Western Australia Thu Perth Thu 04:00

Austria Thu Vienna Wed 21:00

Bahamas Thu Nassau Wed fifteen:00

Bangladesh Thu Dhaka Thu 02:00

Belarus Thu Minsk Wed 22:00

Belgium Thu Brussels Wed 21:00

Bolivia Thu La Paz Wed 16:00

Brazil Thu Distrito Federal Thu Brasilia Wed eighteen:00

Brazil Thu Rio de Janeiro Thu Rio de Janeiro Wed eighteen:00

Brazil Thu São Paulo Thu Sao Paulo Wed eighteen:00

Bulgaria Thu Sofia Wed 22:00

Canada Thu Alberta Thu Edmonton Wed thirteen:00

Canada Thu British Columbia Thu Vancouver Wed twelve:00

Canada Thu Manitoba Thu Winnipeg Wed 14:00

Canada Thu Newfoundland and Labrador Thu St. John’s Wed 16:thirty

Canada Thu Nova Scotia Thu Halifax Wed sixteen:00

Canada Thu Ontario Thu Ottawa Wed fifteen:00

Canada Thu Ontario Thu Toronto Wed 15:00

Canada Thu Quebec Thu Montreal Wed 15:00

Chile Thu Santiago Wed 17:00

China Thu Beijing Thu 04:00

China Thu Shanghai Thu 04:00

Colombia Thu Bogota Wed 15:00

Croatia Thu Zagreb Wed 21:00

Cuba Thu Havana Wed fifteen:00

Czech Republic Thu Prague Wed 21:00

Denmark Thu Copenhagen Wed 21:00

Dominican Republic Thu Santo Domingo Wed sixteen:00

Egypt Thu Cairo Wed 22:00

El Salvador Thu San Salvador Wed 14:00

Estonia Thu Tallinn Wed 22:00

Ethiopia Thu Addis Ababa Wed 23:00

Fiji Thu Suva Thu 09:00

Finland Thu Helsinki Wed 22:00

France Thu Paris Wed 21:00

Germany Thu Berlin Thu Berlin Wed 21:00

Germany Thu Hesse Thu Frankfurt Wed 21:00

Greece Thu Athens Wed 22:00

Guatemala Thu Guatemala Wed 14:00

Honduras Thu Tegucigalpa Wed 14:00

Hong Kong Thu Hong Kong Thu 04:00

Hungary Thu Budapest Wed 21:00

Iceland Thu Reykjavik Wed 20:00

India Thu Delhi Thu New Delhi Thu 01:30

India Thu Maharashtra Thu Mumbai Thu 01:thirty

India Thu West Bengal Thu Kolkata Thu 01:30

Indonesia Thu Java Thu Jakarta Thu 03:00

Iran Thu Tehran Wed 23:30

Iraq Thu Baghdad Wed 23:00

Ireland Thu Dublin Wed twenty:00

Israel Thu Jerusalem Wed 22:00

Italy Thu Rome Wed 21:00

Jamaica Thu Kingston Wed 15:00

Japan Thu Tokyo Thu 05:00

Jordan Thu Amman Wed 22:00

Kazakstan Thu Almaty Thu 02:00

Kenya Thu Nairobi Wed 23:00

Kiribati Thu Christmas Island Thu Kiritimati Thu 10:00

Kuwait Thu Kuwait City Wed 23:00

Lebanon Thu Beirut Wed 22:00

Madagascar Thu Antananarivo Wed 23:00

Malaysia Thu Kuala Lumpur Thu 04:00

Mexico Thu Federal District Thu Mexico Metropolis Wed 14:00

Morocco Thu Casablanca Wed 20:00

Myanmar Thu Yangon Thu 02:thirty

Nepal Thu Kathmandu Thu 01:45

Netherlands Thu Amsterdam Wed 21:00

New Zealand Thu Auckland Thu 09:00

New Zealand Thu Chatham Islands Thu 09:45

Nicaragua Thu Managua Wed 14:00

Nigeria Thu Lagos Wed 21:00

Norway Thu Oslo Wed 21:00

Pakistan Thu Islamabad Thu 01:00

Pakistan Thu Karachi Thu 01:00

Pakistan Thu Lahore Thu 01:00

Paraguay Thu Asuncion Wed 17:00

Peru Thu Lima Thu Lima Wed 15:00

Philippines Thu Manila Thu 04:00

Poland Thu Warsaw Wed 21:00

Portugal Thu Lisbon Wed 20:00

Puerto Rico Thu San Juan Wed 16:00

Romania Thu Bucharest Wed 22:00

Russia Thu Anadyr Thu 07:00

Russia Thu Kamchatka Thu 07:00

Russia Thu Moscow Wed 23:00

Russia Thu Vladivostok Thu 06:00

Saudi Arabia Thu Riyadh Wed 23:00

Serbia Thu Belgrade Wed 21:00

Singapore Thu Singapore Thu 04:00

South Africa Thu Cape Town Wed 22:00

South Africa Thu Johannesburg Wed 22:00

South Korea Thu Seoul Thu 05:00

Spain Thu Barcelona Thu Barcelona Wed 21:00

Spain Thu Madrid Wed 21:00

Sudan Thu Khartoum Wed 23:00

SThuen Thu Stockholm Wed 21:00

Switzerland Thu Geneva Wed 21:00

Switzerland Thu Zürich Wed 21:00

Taiwan Thu Taipei Thu 04:00

Thailand Thu Bangkok Thu 03:00

Turkey Thu Ankara Wed 22:00

Turkey Thu Istanbul Wed 22:00

U.K. Thu England Thu London Wed 20:00

U.S.A. Thu Alabama Thu Montgomery Wed 14:00

U.S.A. Thu Alaska Thu Anchorage Wed 11:00

U.S.A. Thu Arizona Thu Phoenix Wed 13:00

U.S.A. Thu California Thu Los Angeles Wed 12:00

U.S.A. Thu California Thu San Francisco Wed 12:00

U.S.A. Thu Colorado Thu Denver Wed thirteen:00

U.S.A. Thu District of Columbia Thu Washington DC Wed fifteen:00

U.S.A. Thu Florida Thu Miami Wed fifteen:00

U.S.A. Thu Georgia Thu Atlanta Wed 15:00

U.S.A. Thu Hawaii Thu Honolulu Wed ten:00

U.S.A. Thu Illinois Thu Chicago Wed 14:00

U.S.A. Thu Indiana Thu Indianapolis Wed 15:00

U.S.A. Thu Louisiana Thu New Orleans Wed 14:00

U.S.A. Thu Massachusetts Thu Boston Wed 15:00

U.S.A. Thu Michigan Thu Detroit Wed 15:00

U.S.A. Thu Minnesota Thu Minneapolis Wed 14:00

U.S.A. Thu Minnesota Thu St. Paul Wed 14:00

U.S.A. Thu New York Thu New York Wed 15:00

U.S.A. Thu Pennsylvania Thu Philadelphia Wed 15:00

U.S.A. Thu Texas Thu Houston Wed 14:00

U.S.A. Thu Washington Thu Seattle Wed twelve:00

Ukraine Thu Kyiv Wed 22:00

United Arab Emirates Thu Dubai Thu Dubai Thu 00:00

Uruguay Thu Montevideo Wed eighteen:00

Uzbekistan Thu Tashkent Thu 01:00

Venezuela Thu Caracas Wed 15:30

Vietnam Thu Hanoi Thu 03:00

Yemen Thu Aden Wed 23:00

Zimbabwe Thu Harare Wed 22:00

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