the courteeners on soccer am talking about man united

the courteeners liam fray talks utd and tells a humorous paul scholes story

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  1. @MACHARS Im from their town and a City fan, being in Manchester, the closest teams are City or Utd. Your not going to suppourt Bury, or Oldham if they’re not even in your city. If your thinking Utd being in Salford though and Salford being its own city, well, Salford is in Manchester really isn’t it, seen as it extends to the city centre, it just qualifies as a city officially.

  2. @ 0.50 I’ll bet they don’t look impressed – the Courteeners are waaay too cool for the likes of these idiot presenters who don’t even know a thing about who the band are!

  3. @quickmantan funny that cos they have different style songs.
    they sound the same as they are both from manchester

  4. @jakgeezer Stick it Your arse. You fucking dirty pie and mash eating cockney cunt.Stick to shitty football and shitty boxers like Kevin Mitchell together.Oasis sre bitters. TheCourteeners are REDS.



  5. …and to think, they could have chosen to support one of the four professional teams more local to them than United. However, since when is locality important to a Premiership football fan..?!

  6. @lsdarcy

    liam fray probally is cool, but its annoying when you see people tryign to act like liam gallagher.. and its just as annoying when you see liam tryna act like lennon..

  7. @atarifreak

    No but liam fray wants to be liam gallagher, he is even copying his attitude.. and look..

    and obviously if courteeners cant make music like oasis cause then they would just be a oasis cover band….

    Liam glalgher is a very power character and kasabian and alot of people act like him after meeting him… even after a oasis gig you walk out with a swagger..
    so dont really blame him.. but blantently a liam gallagher wannabe.. and he is called liam aswell which makes it worse.

  8. I met Liamo and the lads twice! And micheal the drummer remembered me! Pure geniuses they are!!

  9. legends just coz ther not fucxking swearing acting hard as fuck like gallaghers they dont fit in with your lot fucking dopes

  10. is the guy who sends in the first message teh same darren gibson who plays for man u?

  11. A typical sad bastard rag fan. I fell asleep he is so boring.

    My Corteena was a rust bucket, leaked oil but at least I waited for it to be fixed. I have never left it early when it was not performing well.. united losing old trafford empty.

  12. That was a lame story.

    I thought it was gonna be some funny scholes school story.

  13. boo, great band but i dont agree wiv the futy team, up oasis blues 4eva. i fink if liam gallagher and liam fray met they would b a bit of a scrap.courteeners great band. oasis amazing band.

  14. The Courteeners are amazin, hope they go to t in the park again this year

    But tht story was poor tbh