Tottenham Hostpur 3 Manchester City 4

The best ever comeback in FA Cup history.

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  1. @Grundtvig100 even if your club turns to ruins or “sell their souls” you should never give up on them. Last season i never thought that norwich (the team that i support) would ever achieve so much that they are now doing, i felt like giving up on them… instead i bought a season ticket and supported my team, now we could be in the premier league next season. Yes city have spent all of this money, so did united, chelsea etc, and they have more fans than ever. Dont give up on your club.

  2. @Grundtvig100 Shut up you prick – you’re a fucking disgrace to your father – he’d be fucking disappointed

  3. @Grundtvig100 sold our souls ? i would say our time has rightfully come to rule manchester

  4. @Grundtvig100
    sold our souls to who? just because our owner is rich and investing in the club that makes us bad? every club spends money. take a look at how exspensive the teams of the other top clubs are. anyway i dont give a shit what you think because i would rarther city win trophies and be hated than battle relegation each season.

  5. Been a Spurs fan for the best part of 20 years and his has to go down as one of the lowest points I’ve had a s yiddo, fair play to City thought doing what seemed almost impossible at half time.

  6. Fantastic game. Kicked off my own football 5-a-side game at half time, thinking it was all over. Came off to see they’d won. 🙂

  7. @cspeidel331 yeah on the bench. haha the only thing english about the premiership nowadays are the fans watching the match

  8. The old manchester city and new manchester city still owning other EPL clubs ^^ XD.

  9. Wil jij ook zoals mij geld verdienen met spelletjes spelen ??
    Meld je dan hier aan :

    Meer Geld verdienen ?? kijk mijn channel

  10. Away from home, 3 down at half time, down to ten men, score 4 in normal time… it a no brainer, best in FA cup history . 🙂

  11. @MrAnasSov & @15joner – Since when did Ac Milan play in the FA Cup…? It says greatest FA Cup comeback.

  12. @15joner greatest ever? you must have forgotten LFC vs AC Milan mate. EUROPEAN CUP.

  13. @beniking008 oh dear.1. all of the tottenham players are straight.
    2. They are currently 4th in the premier league – the best league of world football.

  14. tottenham sucks ballz they are the worst team in the universe I hope all of them die.

  15. Greatest ever comeback!!!!

    3.0 down at half time and gettin battered!!!!!
    city not won a game in 13
    best player off injured (anelka)
    10 men!
    Keegans gettin the sack!

    4-3! CTID