Steven Gerrard Post Match Interview England v Hungary 11/08/10

Soon after his brace in opposition to Hungary, Captain Great Gerrad talks to FATV. Publish match interview with England captain and double target scorer Steven Gerrard soon after England v Hungary friendly, eleven August 2010. Total England Squad Hart (Manchester Metropolis), Fielding (Blackburn), Loach (Watford) Cahill (Bolton), A Cole (Chelsea), Dawson (Tottenham), Gibbs (Arsenal), Jagielka (Everton), G Johnson (Liverpool), Terry (Chelsea) Barry (Manchester Metropolis), Gerrard (Liverpool), A Johnson (Manchester Town), Lampard (Chelsea), Milner (Aston Villa), Young (Aston Villa), Walcott (Arsenal), Wilshere (Arsenal) Bent (Sunderland), C Cole (West Ham), Rooney (Manchester United), Zamora (Fulham). England Hungary friendly FA “Tim Lovejoy” FATV England English activity news football soccer score scores goals “World Cup” highlights 11 August 2010 FIFA UEFA best leading capabilities fantastic win defeat victory vuvuzela 1- beckham gerrard wilshere gibbs brown rooney walcott robinson foster capello 世界杯足球2010
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. I was there at the game and I initially thought that Gerrard fumbled it, but it was pure skill in the end. Unfortunately by the next World Cup he’ll be quite old but for the Euros he should play very well

  2. He is one of the best attacking mifielders. He has the qualities any manager in the world would want. Gerrard sufferedd badly last season with injuries, but unlike other prem league players Gerrard is not allowed to have a injury. More so when the rest of the mighty Liverpool had incredible amount of injuries and bad luck. But if anyone on this planet does not think Stevie G is in not a top 5 in the world over the last decade, they proabably wearing a replica “FAT Rooney” shirt.

  3. @MrMorristoday by far the best in the world..bloody hell calm down bro..forget south africa already..or last season!

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  12. seeing this guy makes me hate english fans sometimes.too much pressure on the team and we dont realise that the pressure doesn’t make them any better

  13. he’s legend of us! he’s real captian of national team. and waitin new season. Have a great season Stevie! we waitin your fantastic playing!

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  15. @ludoboommonster
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    just because he created a great goal doesnt make him better than messi…when will u ppl learn??

  16. Captain Fantastic , get in Stevie !! Great two goals, you made England and Liverpool FC proud again .. Have a magnificent season !