Ex-Man City star in drunken brawl

These moments show previous Manchester Town footballer Kelvin Etuhu taking part in a drunken road brawl which left a guy with a broken jaw. The Nigerian striker, 22 took off his shirt and commenced punching and kicking 24-year previous Owen Fitzpatrick who had earlier been chatting up the soccer ace’s girlfriend in a cocktail bar. In the course of the punch up jealous Etuhu bundled his individual girlfriend to the floor as she attempted to cease the mayhem. He then fled the scene as she lay “dazed or unconscious” on the pavement prior to heading to hospital. Mr Fitzpatrick also had his check out stolen. Remarkable CCTV footage captured the heart stopping moments as the four.30am brawl erupted outdoors the 235 casino in Manchester city centre. The footage was launched by police right after Etuhu, of Wigan, set his head in his fingers and sobbed as he was sentenced to 8 months in jail following he pleaded guilty to assault occasioning true bodily hurt and affray. The footballer’s chauffeur Leonard Rico Richards, 27, of Longsight, Manchester was jailed for four years soon after he admitted ABH, affray and theft. Etuhu’s older brother Dickson, 28, who plays for Fulham seemed on as Judge David Hale advised the Premiership star: ”Courts have a public duty to spell out the penalties of public disorder and it is obvious just how unneeded this was. ”Whatever occurred in the casino, it was trivial. It really is half 4 in the morning, time to go anyway. The other folks concerned in this incident had taken it on themselves to see if you turned up

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  1. I defy any of you to act differently in this situation. It’s human nature to defend ourselves when we feel threatened. I’m condoning their behaviour, but I don’t condemn it either.

  2. I really hope that this completely destroys Etuhu’s career and life.
    He was always an arrogant and potentially violent son of a bitch back in the days in Naija, and I wish him a good slapping in prison.

  3. How could he push a woman like that ? This guy deserves what he gets stupid man city player .

  4. skin colour has nothing to do with it. The three blokes waited outside looking for a fight. They should’ve went home how can someone not defend themselves? Tell me the difference between this and what Jonathan Woodgate and Lee Bowyer did?

  5. this guys all sk at fighting. wtf? whenever i hit a guy he doesn’t get up anymore.

  6. Granted i dont know the full story, but, can’t have too much sympathy for the guys who waited outside for a confrontation…..And, then ran like bitches! 😎

  7. thats true. 3 guys wait outside for a fist fight then get their asses kicked by 2 blokes! whats wrong with that?

  8. haha they waited for them to come out and they ended up getting their ass beat..? HAHAHAHAHA fucking hilarious..thats what they get..punks jump up to get beat down