Robinho Manchester City 08/09 All Goals

Robinho and all the fifteen ambitions he scored in his 1st season with City. Very best of luck in Santos Robbie.

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  1. Please visit the Screen name “ELECTROEXECUTOID” on youtube..he is dying of the AIDS virus…but he deserves it, because I’ve heard from a few of his ‘so-called friends’…that he’s a pedophile. Yes , a pedophile. I’m turning him in to the MI6 (british lame ass version of the FBI).

  2. @KINGMJ1990 .lol yh thats he hasnt setlled anywhere outside brasil not your overhyped wish england had a player with his technique,dribbling ability and natural talent.

  3. @MrAcidpunk777 not really? where are chelsea now 5th? and as for the past 3 or 4 results? city have come out on top.

  4. All u assholes saying he chose city over chelsea…His problem was not with city or the manager…He couldn’t adjust to the rigours of the english game..If he had joined chelsea then it would have been the same

  5. city should have kept robinho never bought jo sold adbyor
    robinho tevez than dude from inter & adam jonhson that looks like a strong forward side

  6. @kev18ize Wot? Name me the last team to win a trophie who didn’t buy any players, it’s probably a team from the 50’s or 60’s the last time that happened, every team in recent years have bought players from other clubs, therefore ‘buying trophies’ moron!

  7. @errorko A world class football team..dont make me laugh
    you cant buy trophies…..

  8. No surprise Robinho was desperate to leave, what with the ManCity fans being arrogant racist snobs!

  9. @MrTherockmania no no fidati che quest’anno farà meglio ancora dei altri 2, e più motivato e ha la possibilità di vincere tutto..vedrai..

  10. Pato, Ronaldihno, Ibrahimovic, Robinho = Best strikers in the world (AC Milan)

  11. Right now, AC Milan is interested in him… I hope (as a supporter of the italian team) he will join Ibrahimovic in this new season!