Adam Johnson||Manchester City||2009-2010

Video clip about City’s speedy,difficult England winger, Adam Johnson. Joining the Blues from Middlesborough, under-21 England international,Adam Johnson brought his comparatively inknown talents to the Premier League, and confirmed the followers his really worth. Regardless of possessing to combat for a first staff spot all time with gamers like Shaun Wright-Phillips, Adam worked tough throughout the 2nd half of the 2009/2010 period, winning two nicely deserved guy of the match performances in City’s two- residence win above Bolton and also at Burnley’s Turf Moor wherever the Blues ran out six-one winners. His one particular aim of the time came at Sunderland’s Stadium Of Mild, in the very last 5 minutes with a wonderful curler earning the Blues a well deserved stage. In simple fact,this goal was so very good,it was voted City’s Objective Of The Time, beating Sylvinho’s Scunthorpe strike and Bellamy’s belter at Old Trafford. Despite only picking up the one particular goal, Johnson’s continous has an effect on on the proper and left wings started to give himself a name, with Fabio Capello’s curiosity earning him a nicely deserved area in the England manager’s prilimilary squad for the 2010 Entire world Cup. In spite of missing out on South Africa, Adam is predicted to be one particular of the gamers of England’s long run alongside others these as Jack Wilshere and Jack Rodwell. Johnson’s potential looks bright at Manchester Metropolis, and his efforts and excellent wing play is confident to support Metropolis try to accomplish their targets in seasons to arrive.
Video clip Rating: five / 5

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  1. @TwistedTheoryFilms
    I dont. Balotelli is going to develop ino a world class striker and all these cocksuckers saying otherwise will be on his dick to]wo years from now saying “O, Mario is the shit” lol

  2. fuk that guy city are beast nobed u prob a dirt man u fan johnson is better than ronaldo………cuz hes english

  3. @wythenshawe2k7 Because capello’s a big nose postman pat look-a-like the fucking dirty italian bastard get redknap in there.

  4. Awesome Player! He’s one of the best English wingers and he will still improve… and he’s in my FIAF UT. 😉

  5. @WordsOfWisdom88 You should really watch city games before you make any comments. For a start Balotelli is only 20 and already one of the best strikers in the world.

    Johnson is nothing special. If you watched the games and not youtube videos you would know hes nothing but an impact player. If johnson plays for 90minutes he disappears and does nothing, He comes on at 70minutes+ when defenders are tired which is why he goes past them easily. I’m a life long city fan and I wouldnt care if he left

  6. 0:22 after getting beaten by Johnson, look at how the defender casually stands and watches when he has plenty of time to recover and continue defending. He gave up almost 5 seconds before the goal even was scored. What a dreadful defender.

  7. @mattybeatslayer

    You wont be saying that about Balotelli when he leaves. He’s not even happy already. hasnt even been there 2minutes. Theyre not shit players but not woerth the fee paid, and certainly wont be around when you do finally challenge for the league.

  8. @WordsOfWisdom88 how can you say milner, ballotelli an swp are shit?
    sort your head out son

  9. Adam is the one of the best wingers in the Premiership, yet he cant get a start at City, with crap players like Wright-Phillips, Milner, Balotelli all preferred instead, Is Mancini that clueless. How sad for England and Adam.

    Another talent wasted at City

  10. @nvdrh Walcott, Lennon, Milner, Johnson, Young, SWP. Quite alot of good wingers. Only milner, walcott and johnson are great I’ll admit but they’re all good. So… =]