Noel and Serge draw Leicester City vs. Man City

The reaction as Leicester draw Guy City in the Third Round of the FA Cup.
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  1. NOEL got 2, then SERGE got 21… and you can SEE NOEL’S FACE doing the maths I did myself…

    2+21=23… and he was like pointing both balls… so he was SOOO CUTE when he drew the 23!!!

  2. two extremely lucky men, who got to be friends with their childhood heroes. sighhh. noel with johnny marr and all and serge with noel.. x)

  3. What was the fact the man said about Leicester as they were pulled out ? :]
    Come on you foxes !

  4. I’m a man city fan ( from Manchester ) living in Leicester defo going to the match tomorrow 🙂

  5. What legends to do the FA Cup draw….Kasabian and Oasis are never going off my IPOD!!!!

  6. @peaco1000
    Not quite. Odds are 63/1 of meeeting, and 126/1 of Leicester being at home.
    Think about it. Apart from Leicester, there are 63 other teams with equal chance of being drawn against any one of them. Of course, it’s 50/50 that Leicester would be at home, so halve the odds. (Odds only get astronomical if you figure in them specifically being the 25th and 26th (or whatever it was) teams drawn)

    So, there you go – odds were 126/1 of that happening.

  7. @tommysaunders89 : Oh, that’s true… I am not too used to the accent. Thanks. =)

  8. I’ve geniunely watched this a good 8/9 times and it don’t fail to make me smile, quality.

  9. Believe me….this tie is gonna be an absolute corker!…Leicester really lookin good now under Sven….Man City decent too…..Sven is ex Man City…….Mancini is ex Leicester dont forget!……A belter of a match!

  10. @TomSpartan218 as Noel has revealed before, he is the master of the universe. So it’s not really a suprise that he can do that

  11. @BLAGASPANTS Thanks.. that’s what I thought but didn’t understand the numbered chart thing to the right to confirm. Thanks 🙂