Noel Gallagher interview – Talk of the Terrace – 31st January 2010

Noel talks about Man City’s exit from the Carling Cup, how he trashed 1 of Wayne Rooney’s birthday presents, why he desires to be a referee and what his up coming musical strategies are. Also featured is a Guy Town Mastermind quiz.

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  1. Come here, go away, come here, go away, come here, come here……… Go away, your booked! Haha brilliant

  2. I agree with everything you said. but i have to say that liam is the better singer

  3. @neilwilson557

    If you want to move to Manchester then you are in the wrong place if you are a Utd fan.


  4. @cinemunchies
    i disagree. all the masterpieces and the reason you know Liam as a frontman is because of Noel. The guy is a genius on par with Lennon. Liam is good performer but that’s about it. Noel doesn’t give a shit about anything else but the music. Liam is more about appearances and style rather than substance.

  5. how can noel be so intelligent and his brother such a moron. i can see why they broke up. i like liam too but he’s such an idiot

  6. my 2 great loves are Oasis and Manchester UTD god ive gotta move to manchester lol

  7. theres an obvious gap between us and its BIG. what does ashieks billions get ya???? craig bellamy and gareth barry ooooooooooooooooh ENVY ENVY ENVY.