Man Utd supporter Vs Everton supporter FA Cup Semi Final 2009 reactions Part 2

Manchester United and Everton Supporters wathc the FA Cup Semi Last at residence. Watch the reactions of the Everton fan Extremely humorous
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Near enough the same reaction i done with the evertonian as Jags puts the pen away!!

  2. @iain1878 murderers? half the murders happen in london how could this stereotype appear in liverpool i never know

  3. You can’t explain that to anyone who doesn’t understand. Being an Evertonian is a unique experience. We do not chose, we are chosen.

  4. fair enough, nothing wrong with a bit of passion i suppose, i must have been in a bad mood the other day

  5. i used to think that, but when i went to my first match ive been exactly like him

  6. The smile on the man-u supporters face is just enough for me at 0:19 LOL . EFC FOREVER! x

  7. Great day – was a similar reaction at the Spurs game recently 2bh.

    I AM ‘true supporter’ and whatever accusations people are throwing at me…i have been a Gwladys Street season ticket holder for 15years, despite being a student for the last 4, and i managed to make it to the final, and so far 6 away games this season.

    I still wouldn’t trust Neville with a crucial penalty, given his lack of technical ability and his previous record in front of goal…