Joe Hart – England 4 – 0 Bulgaria 3rd Sept 2010

FATV – Manchester City’s Joe Hart talks to FATV subsequent England’s four- win against Bulgaria at Wembley on Friday.

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  1. joe hart for the goalkeeper job!! no more calimity james, rubbishson or robert grinch

  2. @EyeHawk777 James is really old now, I’m still sad they didn’t play joe during the world cup after robert green’s mistake. Well this kid here have a lot of potential.

  3. @mattao555 Thought it was semen, oh haha! That always made me laugh. Well, some football fans might dislike City over the spending but you certainly can’t say we’re not doing out bit for England with Hart, A Johnson, SWP, Barry, Milner, Lescott hopefully Richards will get back to the form he was 2-3 years ago and Michael Johnson will be fit for once, he looked the next City star 2-3 years back when he was available

  4. @DistrictSleeper he really is! everytime i see he always make the conversation about me which is really cool!

  5. Unfortunately the German national football team did slam England’s national team 4-1 in the Last 16 of the 2010 World Cup.

    Their young team outclassed and out paced the 3 Lions. It just goes to show that all these bomber songs – really comes back at us. They bombarded us!

  6. I’m italian man, but ONLY BRITISH and ENGLAND FAN.

    Excellent Defoe, but finally we have a great with Hart Goalkeeper !!!!

  7. lol i was there last night n he is so confident he started doin kick ups when he got the ball n when the player came near him he picked it up lmao

  8. Notice how all the Germans come on the highlights saying we suck, but don’t come here because they can’t fault Joe Hart.

  9. i like him cos he’s a good keeper, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy

  10. Finally England has produced a world class goalkeeper, give it 2 years or so and this guy will be the best in the world, as long as everything goes to plan (no injurys etc), I feel thats one thing we’ve always lacked, maybe we will have a shot at winning penalties now…

  11. @jamesbullet55
    Let’s not be too optimistic…most of our keepers started this way

  12. @mattao555 I always put an “o” incase I spell it wrong and end up saying something completely different haha

  13. so mature for a youngster. alot of players his age are so gobby and big headed. but joe’s so down to earth with everything.

  14. does anyone know were to find the video of hart saving against glen johnson last nite?????