Javier Hernandez vs Luis Suarez 2011 – HD – dooffeee & jsf101

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  1. the age difference between the two is not a lot its just 1 year apart
    javier hernandes 1988
    luis suarez 1987
    being that i think that suarez is a more skillful player than hernandes
    seeing his liverpool and Ajax performance is just brilliant
    and for the people saying that Ajax is not counted because its not in a tough league then remember what suarez did in the world cup
    he was a vital asset in Uruguay’s success
    But in means of potential they both show a lot in that aspect
    only god knows

  2. Asi de facil: Suarez triunfo en una liga de categoria B. Le falta demostrar su nivel en una liga de primer nivel. Chicharito ha demostrado mas en la premier pero le falta consolidarse aun.

  3. @agent00liverpool Yup. I guess 27 goals in 35 matches is just “LUCK”
    More than half of those are from subsitutes btw

  4. @vQEmpire utd haven’t won it yet. your title? LOL been hearing that for many years.

  5. @ichizozeto los unicos q disen q hernandez juega mas q suarez son todos de mexico jajaj todos los ingleses disen q es incomparable y ustedes einsisten hasta los propios fans de manchester,y espero q chicharito haga lo k iso forlan en manchester si keres buscar forlan todos los goles para manchest y dsp comparalos con los de chicharito ^^

  6. @merenguin nos ganaron hace 4 años,y si keres hablar de pasado contra uruguay no te conviene jaja un mexicano no puede hablar de futbol pork no tenes historia,man asepto chicharito juega en el manchester muy bn me alegro pero este video se trata de suarez vs hernandez acepto k sos de mexico y lo keres defender pero te tenes q dar cuenta kien juega mas,ademas cuando forlan jugo en el manchester no nos agrandamos tanto ustedes primer jugador q tiene y es maradona tonses q dejas para los argentinos

  7. @ichizozeto el anterior partido de copa america contra mexico, tambien le rompieron el culo, y te repito checate los anales de historia veras que hay ventaja para mexico, y chicharo sera lo que sea, pero juega en un mejor equipo que cualquier uruguayo, y no puedo admitirte algo que es mentira, y si berbatov campeon de goleo de la mejor liga del mundo esta en banca por chicharito, menos lo puedo admitir, los pases a gol no los falla chicharito, pero deberias ver cuando el arma jugadas = las mete

  8. @agent00liverpool They’re two different kinds of players, and Suarez will never have a better goals to games- ratio than Hernandez, trust me. He’s best as a supporting striker, so you can’t really compare him to a poacher like Chicharito. Technically Suarez is the best, but as a goalscoring striker Hernandez is more clinical and deadly.

    Og pass deg for hvem du kaller bitch, kan lett ta båten ned og finne deg, Danmark er ikke så stort 😉

  9. Suarez is way better but Hernandez is a fantastic player no doubt and that’s my opinion, Suarez has made a massive impact at Liverpool already and there is defiantly more to come! watch out Man u that’s our title next season;-)

  10. @Aqualizer He had good Dribling ability against a 2nd string United defense.. sorry just saying.

  11. @RealMadridBoy100 Hernandez doesnt wait.. if you watched any of his games he makes a tremendous amount of quick movement to beat his marker and slot it in.. also Hernandez is better in the air to Suarez.. did you see his headed goal against Stoke away from home? Id like to see Suarez do that, and hes taller than Hernandez.

  12. @agent00liverpool Suarez scored 42 goals in a mickey mouse League.. Hernandez has scored 17 in all competitions and 11 League goals with fewer starts than subs in the best League in the world.. also hes scored in the Champions League, F.A Cup and the Carling Cup. Suarez is good but his record isnt great considering he was in a weak league.

  13. @kkthxbye It probably also because hernandez has played an entire season and Suarez has only played two months in Liverpool and he has already scored two goals and three assist. And last season he scorese approx. 42 goals and 37 assist. In 38 games!. FACE That! Bitch!

  14. @ZambranoC7 Dude its not a fucki** skill to be in the right spot IT IS LUCK! DO you understand??! 😛

  15. @kkthxbye hernandez plays for united , plus when gerrard returns from injury suarez will score alot as well

  16. suarez is much better , hernandez just waits and taps it in whereas suarez can go past 3 players and create goals as well as score them

  17. HERNANDEZ is far better……..if u want goals, Chicharito is the man, the new Van nistelrooy, solskjaer, inzaghi…

  18. Suarez is a different kind of player. With 2 goals in 5 league appearances, he doesn’t appear as a poacher on the same level that Chicharito is on. But still decent. He hasn’t played in other competitions for Liverpool, so you can’t really compare. They’re very different, but together they would be dynamite!

  19. Javier Hernandez has scored 11 goals in 22 Premier League games for United, which gives him great goals to games ratio of 50 %. He has also scored 3 goals in 6 Champions League appearances, which also gives him a 50 % ratio in that tournament. In the FA Cup he’s got 1 goal in 4 apperances, and 1 goal in 3 appearances in the League Cup which gives him a ratio of 25 % and 33,33 % in those cups respectively. Community Shield= 100 %, 1/1. A total of 17 goals in 36 games for United, which gives 47 %!

  20. u cant compare these players. chicarito is a back to goal forward who should be known for getting the ugly goals and other good goals within 12 yards from goal. Suarez is a forward that opens up to face the defense and run at them to create something. Dont get me wrong thou, both players r good now and will be better in the future