Chelsea 6-0 Man City

All 6 goals in one particular file.
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. I think Chelsea just need some practices before they go on to another match but, so far they are doing some good goals and good team work !
    Keep up the good work Chelsea !!

  2. @oplosz I think Lampard and Xavi have different styles. I couldn’t say who the best midfielder is.

  3. @Magina1989 I was going to write the same thing! The goalkeeper should wear a skirt to stop any of those goals

  4. @viper1970025
    No i support liverpool they have gone shit chelsea are just off form soon they will be the best club in the prem again mate

  5. Chelsea are gone shit. They need a LEADER to take them by the back of the neck and shake the BOLLOX out of them. This 9pts from 10games or what ever i no they had a great start. They get in 1 week what it takes a life time 2 earn. 4 the likes of me and the best part of the world. I am a fan 36yrs so c/mon 4 F/SAKE.

  6. @Mermadem dat wot u say likes wen da ting is dat da ting dat most important like is wen u say dat more n more wen its like da wuns dat they wont more wen its not always da ting dat woz on wen day wonted dat more than dat like wen day went on n on n on bout dat more like day wos da ting dat they sed day wos

  7. the daiz wen man city were shit n wuld get battered by not on top teams (chelsea) but by shit wuns 2 middlesborough 8-1 Man city another thrashing dey got dat season. but look at dem now, fukin title contenders, how times change.

  8. why do people keep puttin crap songs on these videos? saddest thing i’ve ever heard that song

  9. Tevez is carrying man city, chelsea havnt been at there best playing them but ull see what happens when we are 🙂 i love tevez anyway amazing striker