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Can be said that the Red Devils this season, offensive encounter a problem, Nani has always been the biggest variable, he sudden inspiration is often the final breakthrough and shot directly change the outcome of the race. Including today’s brother made this for the cool fall in your lap like a good opportunity, Nani Manchester United this season has 64 league goals in, directly or indirectly produced 25 goals, including 9-ball 13 assists, and 3 times create a penalty, the other an own goal and the goalkeeper the opportunity to get rid of this, is leading 13 assists and assists the Premier League standings. The total Soccer Jersey the season to play in that Manchester United Nani is the best player, a hard data to put in here, no doubt about his role in Manchester United. Even Manchester United in the Champions League knockout this week, before the home game against Marseille, the Red Devils Jiujiang Heinze have come out to the media, said: “Nani is a key figure in Manchester United, this season he became the leader, is their best player, he is the kind of player can decide a game. “By Jamie Carragher Chanshang leave in tears after the Manchester United Nani missed only one game. Nani truce in the period, his agent has not been idle. This week, the “offside” website has burst out of Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini spent 40 million pounds and the Serie A club Inter Milan 35 million pounds Premier League Jersey Nani news, the Nerazzurri and Mancini have declared Nani £ 100,000 to meet the week salary requirements, and Nani himself tells her close friend, the idea that they have fought in the Apennines. All this also goes back, after local media off by disclosing the UK Manchester United Nani to ask for a pay rise of £ 65,000 from the current rose to 10 million pounds.This series of reports initially I did not get a response Nani, the Portuguese eye-catching this season, as his agent, Mendes said, requires £ 100,000 weekly salary and the salary is not too much flat Ababa, but The problem is Nani and the Red Devils last year, was renewed in March 4, when the Portuguese, and not the momentum Man U Jerseys the season, the club would not want this time to renew. However, Nani last week to push through his personal characteristics warn fans: “I saw some in the newspapers false reports about me, I want you to hear my real thoughts – I love Manchester United.” Rooney falling out when the team chose to hide, and Nani himself to speak out this time, do not place on the Moratti really check out the Portuguese, at least for practical action that Nani has used the loyalty of the Red Devils .Portugal national team coach yesterday released the latest issue of trust squad, Nani’s name is still impressively, this season he has become an indispensable tactical coach of Portugal’s new piece, the role of catching up with the team Core Man Utd Jersey End of this month, he will usher in with the team between Chile and Finland with two international friendlies, it seems that Nani fighting with also for the block between the site continue to play a brother in the national team Bolton goalkeeper wants to escape the old enemy, and short-term fear is unlikely.

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