Fans discuss Sergio Aguero as he signs for Man City from Atletico Madrid

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  1. @Divinemadness2 Lol! What an ugly statement. The purpose was to discuss Man City and her chances, not beauty contest

  2. Number of fav other club fans of MCFC pre Arab investors:1,800,000

    Number of MCFC haters after the Arab investment : 78,000,000

    FA Cup (2011), Premiership (20–)

  3. @clark2400 maybe there are some bandwaggon jumpers bit City have long been a very well supported club despite the club enjoying very little success, they deserve to see their team challenge. Most Man Utd fans are bandwagon jumpers anyway.

  4. Players will still rather join liverpool fc for trophies, city wont win anything, a team of individuals

  5. i hate to say this city come backi when you win 19 leagues 11 fa cups and 5 UEFA Chmpions league

  6. In other words, there are a LOT of bandwaggon jumper City fans since the Abu Dhabi Group takeover of Man City happened…that says a lot about this club. Aguero is a quality player though, City are lucky they have the funds available to buy such a quality player from La Liga…he’s already scored a couple of goals, those bandwaggon fans must be jumping with glory I’m sure…

  7. @Prototypeization mate i wont argue with that, truth is i am dissapointed in the spending thats been going on, out of the big signings i only agreed with dzeko and nasri, maybe aguero, i just get annoyed when people say we buy trophies, every successful team spends money, its the only way these days, now all i can boast about is how well we have played recently, money can buy the players but most recently our cheapest players have played brilliantly, without tevez, balotelli kolo toure etc.

  8. @thirdlegUK Ok, all I am trying to say Is Man City have been given more money and Man utd have earned more money. I am sorry I said It was digracefull, because your right Man city have developed young players. I guess Im just annoyed that that some man city fans boast so much, when buying players isn’t hard.

  9. @Prototypeization scholes giggs and welbeck came through our youth squad not from another club

  10. @Prototypeization from small clubs, theres just some big signings that over shadow the small smart signings, and by the way, Giggs was actually developed by man city in his early ages, but he was sold to man united because they had money and man city didnt at the time.

  11. @Prototypeization I am a city fan, but i am against the amount of money we have been spending, but i wont take a united fan saying its disgraceful, since you have spent millions on players as well, and what i mean is Man United rarely actually develop a player, except for a few exceptions, such as welbeck and smalling, but they dont develop players like Hernandez from a young age, they bought them, man city have developed players as well, Richards, Zabaleta and a lot of players were bought

  12. @thirdlegUK Ok, so Hernandez, Giggs, Scholes, Park, Welbeck all come from low clubs and they are great. Man city buy big players that are already good. It’s disgraceful to see a team so close to the top of the league that has literally been given loads of money.