A look at Samir Nasri anytime he is on the pitch shows a player who asides facing the business of the day – helping his team mates beat an opponent – loves enjoying football in the basic sense akin to the type you will find on a beach.

Dribbling, feints and fakes, sometimes joggling at the amateur level do often take the high seats in any gathering of fans. The higher you go though, the more you are admonished on the need to drop such act and focus entirely on getting the business of winning matches done.

When he left Marseille in 2008, Arsenal’s accommodation of flashy stunts within their ranks would’ve no doubt further convinced the French man that the Gunners were a group he could thrive in without much friction.

One thing he may not have realized is the fact that as players grows towards the twilight of their careers; they tend to see some sense in the need to be business minded throughout encounters because the pressure to have their name associated with a trophy kind of trumps every other desire.

In Manchester City, his next team did give him the chance to earn a Premier League winners medal twice even though he was hardly at the happening moments of both campaign as first team choices – something he was guaranteed of in North London – became thinner as the seasons rolled by.

You know things didn’t work when you get shipped to a team of lower status than the one you originally came from – in this case Sevilla.

As the transfer windows draw closer, the news is that neither City want him back nor is Sevilla willing to keep him. With nowadays transfer tabloids putting mid table premier league club names in the same sentence as the French man’s, you get to wonder if he stops to regret leaving Arsenal.

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