Craig Bellamy – Man City’s Wing Wizard // HD

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Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. @Theechosen1from1993
    song isn’t lazy at all. he’s fantastic at breaking up the play and offers much more going forward than most defensive midfielders. though i can’t fault nigel de jong, i’m a huge fan. if he was english then he’d never get so much criticism from the media. i can see why his dutch team mates call him pitbull. as for vicent kompany i suppose i’ll have to watch more of his performances, but frankly i can’t think of a better centre back in world football than vidic.

  2. @Theechosen1from1993
    Vidic is an incredible player, but i’d rather have Kompany. He cannot be replaced and his timing is second to none. From what i’ve seen of Alex Song, he is overrated and a little lazy. The complete opposite of De Jong. City cannot play without De Jong in front of the defence.

  3. @ArcticMunchkins
    are you serious? i know it must be annoying for a city fan to admit, but it’s there for everyone to see that vidic is the best player in the league in his position. most would say alex song is better than nigel de jong, and whether hart and tevez are the best in their positions is debatable.

  4. @Adeel2k11

    haha how ironic…Bellamy who isn’t English (so may as well be foreign) and a comment about ‘foeign cunts’ – foreign spelt wrong, I’ll assume its because your name is ‘Adeel’ and English isn’t your first language – making you…a ‘foeign cunt’

  5. @Adeel2k11 Mate belive me he is not being wasted here. Have you seen his interview after he scored that amazing goal v Swansea . Hes happy , who cares if people think hes wasted helping is home club that he loves to the priemer league ! x

  6. @GhostAdvocate13 Silva has been one of the best signings this year. Start watching games rather than highlights and maybe you’ll understand.

  7. Shitty Team? 3rd in the Premier League. Can’t be shit. Bellamy was my favourite player but you’re just ignorant if you think Man City have a shit team. Joe Hart, Kompany, De Jong and Tevez are the best in the league in their positions.

  8. i’m glad at least one great player didn’t go that route.

    its getting boring in english football with man united, liverpool, chelsea, man city and arsenal signing all the best players.

  9. @GhostAdvocate13 I like Tevez more than Bellamy that´s the point. Without Tevez City would not be reaching the top of the cup. I d love to have Bellamy and Tevez now, it was a terrible loss y I agree.

  10. i think its a disgrace a player like Bellamy is wasting his talent in the Championship.
    He should be playing at a top European club.
    I know he wanted to go Cardiff to move back home.
    But still.

  11. @Adeel2k11 Word.Fuck Ballotelli,fuck Dzeko,fuck Kolarov,fuck Silva.Needless purchases and shameless fuck-offs(Bellamy,Ireland,Adebayor,Petrov,Bridge)That´s Mancini´s(The Devil)brilliant managing.

  12. @elrenguero89 Bellamy was the best.Tevez said it himself.You cant argue against goals and Tevez more than delivered,excellent player,true.But overall Bellamy was better.Goals,assists,transporting,hell even defending…

  13. The best is Tevez, Bellamy was the second one in the team… But I agree Bellamy was important

  14. @tbmike23

    ManCity will challenge for trophies next season. And Barcelona..I have no idea about them. I have no idea if they’re that good, or if their league is poor. The other week I recorded the Barca game – switched it on, went out my room for a few secs, come back 3mins gone and theyre 1-0 already. Dunno if thats football.

  15. dudd! i thought bellamy was a decent player but GOD DAMN this guy is great! why the fuck man city loan him! WORST DECISION EVER! i have to say he is better then bale from wales

  16. @WordsOfWisdom88 I don’t watch them anymore either, after the ’90 World Cup I thought we’d done away with that keep-away defensive style game but City and Barca play tiki-taka football now. What happened to “the beautiful game?”

  17. @tbmike23

    Becos your club are being run by people who dont watch the game. What do you expect

  18. Last year Bellamy Adebayor and Wright-Phillips accounted for more than 30 goals and 26 assists. They played SO well that Man. City decided they would never play any of them ever again. I just don’t understand. Bellamy was better than Ribery last year, why did they drop him?

  19. song??? this is one of my fav players…..loved it when he played for west ham and he was healthy.