Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola – who only joined this summer – has admitted fear of losing his job, as results have not been in his favour.

He disclosed that he is not immune to sack due to the poor run of the team, even as many believed he would have mentioned this to his employers during talks.

Guardiola supervised ten victories in all competitions but the same side has struggled to get four wins in 15 games of recent. Saturday’s 4-2 loss to Leicester City hurt the team’s record, forcing many to scrutinize the coach’s methods. The loss sent them seven points behind log leaders Chelsea.

Man City are poised to face Watford on Wednesday in the Premier League, then face the Gunners on Sunday. The manager admits that the club’s management are still on his side but added that things really need to quickly change before it all comes apart.

“The last month I have to accept the results have not gone well. It’s the first time in my life that I don’t win regularly. In the big companies and the big businesses in the world, if something doesn’t work you have to find a solution, and normally the guy who has to go is the guy who has to help the players reach the best level.

“Long-term projects do not exist in football. You have to win immediately and if you don’t win, you are in trouble. Then another guy has to be in charge because you have to win,” Guardiola said.

He added that he still has the trusts of the board but that he also realizes that “anything can happen.” He claimed he would not leave out of his own volition until he completes his three-year deal that he signed.




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