Adam Johnson v. Liverpool *2010/11*

Match: Gentleman.Town – Liverpool. 23/08/10

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  1. @Beatdown2k8 Yes, that would be good. I prefer Micah over Kelly because he’s stronger and faster. Both Jacks are injury-prone, so we can’t really depend on them that much. Gerrard should play dead-centre with one of them like a “big brother,” because both can play the attacking role. Johnson as RW (obviously!) Rooney is a good LW from the time when Utd played 4-3-3.

  2. @fizzydrinkz Thank goodness we have kenny now. We’d have to pay a ransom but him,carroll and luis suarez would be one hell of a front three.

  3. @thelegendaryred16

    what I’d like to see

    CB-Cahill and dawson
    LB-cashley, he’s still performing at the end of the day. If not then of course baines

    CM-jack rodwell or scott parker, preferably jack.
    CM-jack wilshere

    AM-gerrard, he’s not quite done yet for england. Infact he’s probably playing better than he ever has for england in the past right now.
    RW-Johnson, brilliant player
    LW-Rooney, not his best role but him and SG change anyway together

  4. What England need:
    1. Stick with Hart
    2. A better right back than Johnson (Micah Richards, he’s solid).
    3. Michael Dawson and someone besides Ferdinand and Terry (They’re old and past it), probably Phil Jones.
    4. Leighton Baines has been great this season and Everton need him to feed Cahill and Fellaini more that Arteta.
    4. Jack Wilshere (How the fuck is Gareth Barry still playing?!)
    5. Adam Johnson, he’s technical and way better than Walcott.
    6. A striker that can actually score.

  5. Proud that this lad came through the boro accademy, such a good player, just needs to start for man city and england, stupid mancini 😛

  6. Adam Johnson 4 Sunderland Because He was born there raised there and likes Sunderland so come on Bruce!!!

  7. @vincentmadein1990 Actually, he’s a left winger, so more like Arjen Robben or Franck Ribery.

  8. i’m a liverpool fan and even i enjoy watching adam johnson. heard he’s leaving in the summer, and i can only dream that the dumbass that is RH or the next manager can rope him in.

  9. nice vid! He’s my fav in premiere league.
    Hope you upload more vids of Adam Johnson. :))

  10. He runs a bit weird and doesn’t really look like a footballer but he is the future and hes sick!!!!!!

  11. The cutting inside reminds of Robben, however, Robben goes more on pace, I think Adam’s got a better close control and technique. But he should play more on the left wing. It would make him much more dangerous as he’s a great crosser of the ball too. Anyway, he’s one of the best young players in Europe, and very underrated.

  12. When will idiots stop using the same 5 or 6 songs in their vid’s? Great video, though.