Fifa 11- w/Commentary Man City Fc Dzeko Thoughts

A fifa eleven commentary about Manchester City’s newest signing Dzeko. DIRECTORS CHANNEL
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. i think an example of a great goal scorer/player coming to the premier league and not ”keeping up/playing to their full potential” is shevchenko. Signed for 30 million! and scored 2 all season! i am a chelsea fan and i can honestly say one of if not the worst move chelsea have ever made.

  2. fifa 11 ultimate team duplication anyone want players duplicated send me a message and i will send the link

  3. prem players who havent lived up to their potential – take a look at galatasaray. Seems they all go there…kewell, richards, baros, almunia is meant to be going.

  4. Ballotelli is the most bigheaded person in the world he said messi was tge only player better than him. Ballotelli isnt even in the top 20 in my opinion

  5. @BlazingFury07 i completely agree that clubs should only be able to spend what they make. clubs like arsenal will be able to show true talent instead of millions worth of players from la liga etc.

  6. Lol Balotelli said that he was best in the world beside Messi but then said Messi didn’t deserve the Ballon d’Or he should make up his mind…

  7. Nice commentary but why would you upload a 2-0 win with two poor goals would you not get a better game I’m not a hater just some constructive criticism 🙂

  8. lol when you were talking about arshavin as soon as you said that he skied the shot in the leeds game