Nasri reckons draw as favorable thing for MC to reach Final

Samir Nasri reckons if Manchester City gets a little bit of a favored draw, they would be able to clear the knockout stages and reach the final of the Champions League.

Nasri was one of the players who shook the net the other night for the Sky Blues playing against the Italian club Roma.

It was an away game and the odds were not in City’s favor. A loss would have taken them out of the competition, but, the spirit that they showed was appreciable.

According to Nasri, from the position which his team was in with two games to go, it was an absolute miracle for them to move ahead to the knockouts in Europe.

Speaking before flying back to Manchester, Nasri said, “It was nothing short of miracle. The problems that we have countered this season, the injuries and everything, we have done a fabulous job to be able to get there and I believe if we fire on all cylinders in the knockouts and the draw is in our favour a little bit, we can go right to the end.”

“If the ability is taken into account, I don’t think there are too many clubs around the world that have a better team than us. I might be sounding biased at the moment I know that, but, we have got a wonderful squad really. All we need is to play to our potential.”

Now that City has made the knockouts, there are much more expectations with them. When asked if it is going to add to the pressure on the players, the Frenchman said, “Not particularly, the pressure is everywhere. It’s not that there is any less pressure when we play in the Premier league. The fans always expect more and more from us.”

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