Mark Heywood – Blue Wembley – Man City FA Cup Final Song (Official video 2011)

Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. @CallumAnthony93 Wtf, thats like months ago, my comment. This proves that you a retard biased gaylord that is so outdated,seems like you had been reading last year’s paper, now thats how “proper” your sentence was, lol pwned you. Can’t understand what its like to win premier league?? We are wining it with style. Your a red fan?? 6-1, 8-2. 35 million flop. Blue fan?? 50 million flop. NOOB. If you reply to this message, that means your family is pricks and you are a glory hunter LOL pwned you

  2. @bluemoonmanchester aha forgot about this just found your reply, i think you will find evidently is proper english, your the one who clearly cant string a proper sentence together. and the FA cup is nothing on the league quite obviously, you just dont understand what its like to win the premier league so you cant really make the comparison

  3. my first game was city port vale at maine road division two, ten odd years later im watching city lift the fa cup at wembley ctid

  4. @SamM0rr1s
    I’m a Red Star Belgrade fan chance I was born and I cheered for that team through top of Europe and the world, as well as mid-table in Serbia. I’ve also always followed the Prem and I really liked City’s current team and I’ve cheered them on for the past 3 years. All you are is a troll. Go listen to shit United chants and leave true fans alone.

  5. City Til I Die! Much love from Arizona. Glad the Nasri deal has finally gone through 🙂 Blue Moon keeps on rising.

  6. @DJStefixx I feel sorry for you that the only reason you follow city is because of Kolarov -_- lol

  7. this is what comes to mind when i think of united
    shit scum match fixers rags london glory hunters

    and the one we all agree on is loyal lmfao cant even read that with a straight face never mind say it

  8. @WelcomebackEm Where on Earth does all the hatred come from then? If you’re not United who do you support? United fans are the only fans likely to be classless enough to spit on our club shop. If you’re suffering from mental problems then I’ll leave you be as its clearly a medical issue.

  9. @WelcomebackEm Mother jokes hey. You’re a witty one. You do sound a bit simple. I take it you’re a United fan?