Mario Balotelli Kung Fu Kick On Popov Red Card Sent Off Manchester City 1-0 Dinamo Kiev.Highlights

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  1. You shoulda put
    “Everybody was kung-fu fighting, do do do do do dooo”
    In the back ground!

  2. @juxhin000 if you notice he let his foot linger in the air. he had enough time to move his foot

  3. the only difference that if Rooney does this Popov wouldnt have to act hed be sraight taken to hospital. Rooney and Baqlotelli would make good friends, great players with shitty attitude.

  4. This guy is crap first he gets allergic 2 grass second he cant put his bib on and now he kung fu kicks somebody and gets red carded! Douche

  5. im sorry but that wasnt that bad, he doesnt have the best attitude but he scores goals and thats what he gets paid for… not to smile. he clearly goes to block the ball and catches him on the way down. definatly not a straight red… Maybe a yellow

  6. I really dont think that was intentional. If he wanted to hurt the guy he would have put his full attention to it. I think having his foot out was more for balance than anything. Also you can see that his foot was pointed out towards Popov’s chest and he dropped it. Bad luck

  7. can you say that again please blackenugh,I didn’t quite catch it the first few times

  8. Today he drove through Manchester centre in a white sports car.
    The traffic was busy he couldn’t drive fast , he was called a wanker many times by passing people.
    Which is only fair as he is a total wanker.

  9. be lui vuole andare al milan !!!! chiaramente fa questo ” povera pecora “

  10. I tell you what old boy, I think this chap Balotelli needs a jolly good raping in the arehole, preferrably til he sprays cum on the floor! If I got 100k a week to put up with cream-faced honkey bastards abusing me, I think I’d be able to wear a smile on my face, safe in the knowledge I’d be strecthing out their white girlfriends/white sisters in my £5m mansion with my other black Gambian friends! Cheer up Mario you spoilt bastard! Ha ha ha!

  11. im not a fan of his but jesus he barely touched him and yes i know thats all thts needed these days but still i thought he made sum serious contact. sunday league we’d just laugh at that and play proper lads footy.