Manchester City Football Fans Supports Sun Jihai

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Drunklaps-> They will never be as good as ManU. Trust me, N.E.V.E.R!!! but if they will get a better trainer and better players, who knows…

  2. stupid idiots man,im so fucking happy that kaka stays with ac milan.stupid drunk faggots.fuck off

  3. Now I suppose it’s time for an English lesson. This game is called “soccer”, not “football”. Just because you kick the ball with your foot does not mean it’s called “football”.

  4. There’re lots of football players play as good as both of them.I think the best player in China is HAO HAIDONG.

  5. Bollocks,hes played in some historical victories like probably the best FA cup game of all time against spurs and league games against Utd.

  6. worst player for city total rubbish and crap….hes there purely for comercial reasons only

  7. pfft thai are inferior to chinese CHinese fucking owns thai pussy monkey shit eaters like you pussy cunt

  8. Just look at the related videos on the right side – what a great save by sun jihai. It’s not done by pure luck. He has skill sets. He’s great. Feel sorry for him if he doesn’t play much in this team. What a waste of talent. Seems like he wasn’t given enough trust and opportunities. Anyways, he’s still the best from my point of view.

  9. no hes a horrible player, im worried when ever hes on the pitch that hes gonna screw up, the only reason hes still plays for city is because the manager likes him. and he hardly ever plays.

  10. I’m from the same town that sun jihai comes from. He’s an amazing player and everyone loves him. I’ve been a big fan of him since 10 years ago. 100% support to him and wish him the best.

  11. This video was taken at a pub at the Fulham game
    I was at that pub that day and know a few of the people in that video personally and i know that they travel all over the country [world] following MCFC. The rags do not have the monopoly on cockney blues.
    Now this video was taken by a chinese reporter for a chinese sports tv channel and the City fans were asked to say positive things about him so you decide how much of the content was tongue in cheek.

  12. Not sure he’d appreciate the term “chink”from one thick commentator here.

  13. ROFL… sunjihai is that the best player in china? or was is dongfungchu? how come china can’t find 1 descent player out of 1.3 billion population?