Manchester City Football Club:A Tribute

a pictorial tribute to Man Metropolis FCManc pride,manc fans,manc club! take pleasure in…

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  1. if you buy Manchester City tickets, shirts, scarves, or whatever you are directly financing al queda

  2. Obsession with City, Leeds and Liverpool only found at O.T!!

    Fucking love this club CTID.

  3. this is how it feels to be city
    this is how it feels to be small
    this is how it feels when your team win nothing at all, nothing at all


  4. @ScousersAreShemales is that really the only reason you watched this video? to post a stupid dumb comment? grow up you stupid glory chaser.

  5. @United00000 wot is wronge with u scum fans u r obsessed with man city u scruffy fat cunts we r leeds by the way

  6. Can any City fan explain why you have three stars on your badge? In Europe some teams play with 2 stars on top of their badge. This tells us that the club has won 20 or more league titles, as each star indicates 10 titles. Some teams in Champions league games have 2,3,4,5 stars indicating how many times they have won the European cup. City have never won the European cup and I sure as hell know that you haven’t won 30 titles. Is it a celebration of 30 trophyless years? Bring on 4 stars

  7. You have to spell City ‘Citeh’ to make out you’re a manc…when we all know Utd fans are Irish and Southerners….glory supporting cunts. See, you can’t even sing a song without mentioning the reason you support them!! Utd have had their time mate, they’ll win fuck all for years. So if i were you i’d get yourself a Chelsea shirt…probably nearer to home anyway.

  8. Lmfao why would u make a video on citeh?!!
    They hardly win any trophies scum bastards
    city are a disgrace
    glory glory man united!!!

  9. Ancoats munich. History? We won a major trophy before your f****g lot and the only time you play in Manchester is when you visit City. W*****r!!!

  10. I can’t believe you made a video about City that lasted nearly 7 minutes I didn’t thin you’d have much to talk about considerin you’ve got no history