Manchester City 1 – 0 Stoke City | Official Highlights The FA Cup Final 2011 14/05/11

Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Man city wining the cup I much more bigger that man u wining the prem city till I die

  2. Stoke had Huth and Etherington under injury clouds up to kick off. These have been our best two players for 2010/11. We didn’t even have our attack and defense worked out at kick off. Against Man City what sort of chance did we have? Etherington was not fit 4 the final – he couldn’t even run.

  3. Great win City, all the muninch fans can piss off coz they all know we went through them to get that trophy, and when fergie dies, you die. The future is sky blue. COME ON CITY, leather bolton tomoz and thake that 3rd spot from the scunners.

  4. This was the best day of my life…but I have alot of respect for the Stoke fans…they all stayed until the cup was lifted and for that, I respect them.

  5. How was it a memorible cup final??? It was crap?? But congrats to Man City 😀

  6. well done city it only cost 350m to win a pointless trophy no longer worth celebrating.

  7. @Dominoes911 its merseyside, genius! liverpool are better than united. they won 3-1, 4-1, 2-0 over the years and whenever they meet liverpool will win big time!

  8. how did you get 93 thousand views foe the fa cup final last week? what am i doing wrong to get crap views?

  9. I hate it when they don’t call hand balls. Especially a double hand. It voids the game and makes a win unjust.

  10. Congratulations Man.City from your friends ARIS SALONICO FANS!!! 😉

  11. I’m a stoke fan, i thought the goal want even that great to be honest. Yeah Man city played better and deserved to win, but to win by one goal just proves Man city cant score goals like say Arsenal or Man U.

    Money dont buy you a good squad, manager is the key to success! 😉

  12. Well done Stoke! Did well to get that far :), Yaya’s shot is just unstoppable