Man City FA Cup Parade 2011

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hahaha, all the SCUMBAG fans keep sayin that us CITY FANS are obsessed with them but why is it thay cant stop comein on this video!!!!! if you dont like it scumbags just F**K OFF, you allways try 2 put us down but it never works if you kick a BLUE down thay get back up!! if you kick a scumbag red down thay stay down

  2. @dANNNimal True City fan? That might explain why your grounds half empty every single game with shit loads of blue empty seats than more “fans”? Manchester is Red lol. In the World war when we had to share grounds we still had more fans at your own ground. What a total fuck up you lot are.

  3. @dANNNimal It will be a funny sight for the whole world to see you go down like Leeds whent he owners leave you with no money to buy any players and no money to afford their wages. Not that you’re winning anything big anyway. Still in our shadow. Still looking up. You spending a billion won’t change that. Tick, Tock. Make the most of their money while it’s there lol

  4. Plenty of empty space there in Albert Square.
    The Council House was half empty too.

  5. @SquadUp ohhh ohh dear deary me all that hype for fuk all ey your lot might aswell have never been in it either barca made utd look like a bunch of schoolboys. fuckin brilliant support from the shitty fans as usual also not a single chant all fuckin match you miserable glory huntin ginger fuck ups. not long ago you flappy cunts were bangin on about the treble, truly living in the theatre of dreams.

  6. @dANNNimal haha mate if you have been indeed a fucking loyal Citeh fan then you have been looking up at us your entire fucking existence you miserable cunt. Maybe if that raghead owner of yours drops half a billion more MAYBE you can challenge for what really matters mate, not the fuckin FA cup for fucks sake. Enjoy the match today ya twat, just know you Citeh will never be in one

  7. @SquadUp As you said we only won the FA cup. the parade you shitty rags keep comparing ours 2 is back when utd won the treble of course its going to be better your angin team of prima dona diving cheating granny fucking drongos won the holy grail of professional football you mong every rag fan in the fuckin world was in manchester that day.

  8. @SquadUp Never have looked up 2 united in me life, and youd never see me looking up to you so stop using these terms collectivly.
    Im glad it pisses you off that we can challenge u. we CAN challenge you and we CAN win, the very cup we won shows this, UTD might get the odd derby, but we get the ones that really matter.
    For example Munich Day.

  9. @SquadUp u r full of shit u m8 all ur fans live in europe so wtf r u goin on abot

  10. @dANNNimal we are all still united fans mate, the green and gold is merely a political campaign against the glazers. What pisses me off is that you guys finally win a fuckin title and have the nerve to think you can challenge us, fuckin rubbish Citeh. what u get when u come to Citeh: money, empty seats on a regular basis at the wastelands, shite fans and always looking up to man united.
    Your match attendance and rubbish parade is a clear example of who the pride of manchester is sonny,Not Citeh

  11. @SquadUp retarded cunt, im a city fan…. and you talk to me about loyalty? have been all my life meaning ive never seen them win a trophy but im still proud 2 b blue, doubt i could say the same about you. where the fuck did ur fans go when the glaziers took over? oh they went and formed their own club? go wipe yer tears wiv ya shitty gold n green scalf ya muppet loyalty? dont kno the meaning of the word ya clown.
    Pride of europe? ya need to be the pride of manchester first.

  12. @dANNNimal
    Mate you are a fucking moron aren’t ya?
    we will send off VDS with a fucking brace, big deal you won the fucking FA cup.
    35 years and a bloody raghead is what took Citeh to win a damn trophy.
    You will get exposed in Europe next season, where was Balotelli during the parade?????
    hahaha shite players, shite team, shite fans, shite loyalty

  13. @shakweezy87 This is how it feels to be utd,
    This is how it feels to be BROKE
    This is how much utd fans are an absolute joke.

    Obsolete chant you fucking clown, go think of another.
    This season we took the FA cup from you and your chance to give van der sar a decent sending off,
    We will take more from you next season.
    Barca to dick utd in the final I THINK SOOOO!!!

  14. @shakweezy87 Think that embarrassing song needs updating (“nothing at all” = 0), much like your bitter, embarrassing banner.

  15. this is how it feels to be city.
    this is how it feels to be small
    this is how it feels when your team have won nothing at all
    nothing at all
    nothing at all.