Lionel Messi vs. Wayne Rooney [2011 TRAILER] HD

A promo I made – A great battle – L.Messi and W.Rooney Barcelona vs. Manchester Audio: Fearless don’t go through this it really is junk D Top 10 Best Earth Footballers 2009 This is a new up-to-date video clip of who I assume are the present top 10 football (soccer) gamers in the globe. I have centered this on kind and true expertise to pick the top ten. There are so numerous gifted footballers at the instant, who do you feel will get top rated spot? Here are the players that I chose from: Sergio Kun Agüero (Atlético Madrid)Samir Nasri (Arsenal)Fernando Torres (Liverpool)Zlatan Ibrahimovic(Inter Milan)Kaká (AC Milan)Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)Ronaldinho(AC Milan)Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)Lionel Messi(Barcelona)Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus),Iker Casillas(Real Madrid),Petr Cech(Chelsea),Edwin van der Sar(Manchester United),Fabio Cannavaro (True Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea) (Barcelona), Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan), Wayne Rooney (Machester United), Carlos Tevez (Manchester United), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid), David Villa (Valencia). The gamers featured in this video clip play for countries: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Togo, Wales.Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Bolton, Chelsea, Derby
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. @MrLobjectif Villarreal have nothing to fight for in the championship? They are fighting for a place in the champs league(just like city are, city ain’t exacly fighting for the league are they? They ain’t good enough). there is more to a league than just a title fight.

  2. Even Platini decided to change the name(Europa League instead of Uefa cup) to help this cup to regain attractivity. It shows how the cause of Europa league is desperate

  3. Good point for the redcard, but you can’t deny that the redcard has killed the game. 10 against 11,away, against barcelonna it has changed everything. Dynamo Benfica?! It’s just team which can play the 2 tables : Championship and Europa League. When a good team has to decide between Europa League and Championship they choose the championship. Villareal has nothing to play in championship so they chose the Europa League. That’s why Europa league is not relevant.

  4. @MrLobjectif Europa has some good teams left, you’re just being a tool and letting marketing of a league throwing you off every other league in the world. Benfica, Porto, Villarreal, Dynamo….these are good sides.

  5. @MrLobjectif They weren’t? So are you saying a rightfully ruled out goal in the first round isn’t bigger than a redcard?

  6. And Beside you have Mancity which have a lot of talented players(Tevez Kompany yaya Touré David Silva), Aston Villa …

  7. You are dumb! Europa league is a bis cup, look at the teams who are still qualified: Twente etc… I didn’t use that argument to say epl is better than la liga, I say that English teams are better in CL than the spanish ones.
    But I think EPL is better, in Spain you have to big teams with 20 points of advance(REal and Barça). Villareal and Valence are good. But in England you have 4 or 5 big teams which performs in C1:MAnU,Chelsea,Tottenham,ARsenal,Liverpool(until 2008)

  8. Well see for Manchester. It’s the team who expend the less in Europe among big teams(Sunderland has expend more than Manchester the last 4 years!). But we are the biggest team with Barça since 4 years… We had lot of injuries with Valencia Anderson Park Nani(two months but He came back) Ferdinand and now Rafael and O’shea. None of the decisions against Barcelone was such important as the expulsion of Van Persie

  9. @MrLobjectif How is it a cup for losers? It shows how dumb you are when talking about 4 single teams in the champs league. Since when did a league have 4 teams? A league has 20 teams. You talk out of your arse. That is not a way to say a league is better at all. You’re talking about 3 single teams out of a league of 20, what an idiot.

  10. europa league is a cup for loosers. Nobody wants it. Even Paris Saint Germain has aligned his second team against Benfica!!

  11. @MrLobjectif Are you stupid? mentioning ref decisions for but not against. Arsenal had way way way more decisions for them over them 2 rounds, so don’t even start with that bitter bullshit. As for united, they won’t even make it past chelsea in the champs league. If they do, Inter will knock them out.

  12. ManU has a lot of injuries but Hernandez has scored already 3 goals in CL.And Manchester hasn’t the chance to have the referee by his side like Barça in 2005 against Milan(Shehvchenko’s goal cancelled, Nobody can explain it), Barça in 2009 against Chelsea with 2 ou 3 penalty which weren’t whistled, and the red cart against Van Persie this year(You were eliminated at this moment moreover,it was 1-1)

  13. @MrLobjectif Messi hasn’t played many times in england either. 3 English teams qualified in the quarters, but 2 failed to even qualify for the groups of the europa league and there is no 0 left.

  14. @Hydro2oo9 Ronaldo had played only three times an espagnol team(because they are not as good as the english ones they weren’t qualified in CL, by the way 3 english teams qualified in 1/4 this year ). Ferdinand Terry and Vidic are better than Carvalho so he wasn’t the best by far. Who could be better than him in Liga except Piqué and Puyol?!!! and for you he’s only the fifth best defender in la liga!?! You are a joke just like your comments. And Berba is on the Bench because Hernandez is a crack

  15. @MrLobjectif Yeah carvalho was by far the best defender in the prem though. He’s about the 5th best defender in la liga!

  16. @MrLobjectif don’t see how messi got raped at emirates? he set up a goal, had a legal goal ruled off and missed 2 sitters which he’d usually have put away. He wasn’t that bad and could have had a hatrick on another day. it was poor finishing and not about good defending.

  17. @MrLobjectif Ronaldo had no goals on spanish fields until he moved to spain, it doesn’t really prove much.

  18. @MrLobjectif But yes Iniesta was definitely the man of the match. Messi, Iniesta and Xavi are the top 3 players in the world and have been for a few years.

  19. @MrLobjectif Real have a much better team than anyone in the prem right now. This is one of uniteds worst teams i’ve ever known. Berbatov hasn’t scored a single goal in the champs league.

  20. Terry Ferdinand Vidic Kompany Touré Vermaelen David Luiz Agger Djourou and Koscielny(he owned Messi at The Emirate Stadium) you can argue with this. Don’t forget that one of your best defenders in Liga comes from EPL: Carvalho. In Spain only Piqué Puyol Carvalho and Maybe Pepe are good defender

  21. @Hydro2oo9 We didn’t see Messi in the final of CL in 2009 except is goal… Iniesta was the man of the match as usually in big games, because Messi can’t perform in big games(also in semi final it’s was him against cheslea). Classico is a joke, The Real Madrid of nowadays would be destroyed by ManU Arsenal Chelsea , Tottenham or even Liverpool. You will see this year(Tottenham’s gonna play Real this year in CL)

  22. AMAZING!! just because this video i will sub you mate 🙂

    wayne rooney wins!!! btw

  23. GREAT!!! just because of this video i will sub you mate 🙂

    BTW wayne rooney wins!!!

  24. GREAT!!! just because of this video i will sub you mate 🙂

    BTW wayne rooney wins!!!