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Of course, when the worth of Coach Roberto Mancini also very dissatisfied with the referee’s overall performance: “Each time when the diving team in Kiev, every referee will be fined, probably this is part of football now. Broke out from time to time some of the game conflict, this is a reasonably tough game, which is the referee to display the cause so many yellow cards. “Mancini said helplessly:” Our individuals are good the up coming the circumstance turns into very difficult, in simple fact, we the overall performance of the game was fantastic, but also developed plenty of possibilities, but 10 men, following all too tough. “European Cup bitter out, then this will influence the commence of up coming time Mancini it? For the modern rumors that are not conducive to their very own, and probably in the Juve coach subsequent time rumors, the Italian has denied the Youthful Marshal. “What I will reply to Juventus? Sure, I grew up is a Juventus fan, but I would not do it.” Mourinho may possibly be the next face Manchester City next time, grab his coaching work in question, Man Cheeney says no fear: “For me, this is not a dilemma, I do not need to be concerned about.” This statement, mentioned the Italian.While the 1st leg at property by filling the staff two ambitions, qualifying precarious circumstance, but Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is clearly not want to lose the European Cup, his staff return house tonight to continue on top the fight from Dynamo Kiev Shevchenko, The Italians sent to emit the strongest team. In the ahead line, by David Silva Carlos Tevez and the composition of the terrorist Balotelli Juventus Jerseys Trident daunting. Nevertheless, Jiang Yuan Mancini and dominant accident will dry winter on the bench, carry on to permit the video clip adore the Ballot – Balotelli misdeeds of negative habits do not change added a red finish TAM Media kind Gamba Resource: Sina sports activities interests, Marshal of the Man “Hunzhao” is worthy of the best flaw of the game-oriented.Obviously, his Italian compatriots, the handsome mouth Man “may Biruni, Torres and C Luo,” the genius star, as soon as once again the trust of his coach to lose face, there is no exaggeration to say that it is Pakistan Luo Teli foolish behavior, the Blue Moon Army to battle tonight In a tiny range of adverse scenario, however, lost the Del piero Jersey option to the following round.Balotelli how stupid this foul? Or let us match the clock back to. That is when the race to the very first 36 minutes, the other six gamers Popov ball on the sidewalks, then Balotelli run wild as a team rushed over in the direction of the Kiev, at 1st glance, enthusiasts Balotelli are even now amazed when it turns into so constructive? He even turned into the Tevez will fight for each and every ball out? No! It was just an illusion only, and then look carefully, not rushed the ball to Balotelli, he rushed in the direction of the previous guy!

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