Joe Hart vs Tottenham

Gentleman of the match performance by Joe Hart. He kept Town in the game with some fantastic saves.

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  1. Great video. Can we have some more videos of his performances this season please?? πŸ™‚

  2. @WesleyLampard I agree, De Gea is just amazing and Hart well..this video sums it all up

  3. watch?v=QtLhi_CqV5w This is great reflexion save by yong goalkeeper..this is amazing,watch and comment.Thanks.

  4. great performence, but he has been making mistakes recently, like every english goalkeeper lol, maybe somebody set a curse on the england goalkeeping position lol

  5. capello has made all the wrong choices, should have played hart, walcott, joe cole, and adam johnson…the stupid manager cost us the world cup.

  6. fror me he is the 2ΒΊ best kepper of the world only surpassed by “saint” Iker Casillas