INSIDE CITY 34: The Derby; Fashion Kicks & MCFC Awards HD

Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. :'( yes thats true. Oh how i wish it was free! But in the other aspects, chelsea has an awards ceremony every year as well and they do pretty well with their charity foundation. Juan Mata won the player of the year as voted by the fans and Ramires won the players’ choice for best player and his goal against barcelona was also the goal of the season. There’s little bits of clips that the club posts on their site but to watch everything of course you’ll have to pay. I wish it changed.

  2. Today Aguero won the title and he had on his shoulders a flag of Independiente!

  3. If just every team had an youtube account like this.. We football fans love to be as close as possible to our football players, to see them outside the football world but also inside the football world. This channel is really great. I WAS subscribed at the Barcelona channel as well,but they only put useless shit on it, like spanish interviews who nobody gives a shit about.

    GO CITY ! Keep up the good work with this channel 😀

  4. HESKEY! <3

    This was easily the best Inside City video yet, I was smiling the whole way through! Us fans really appreciate the effort that goes in to making these videos, it's something that no other club really offers so we're really lucky.

    I still can't believe that Adam actually managed to pull off that skirt O_O

  5. I don’t even support City yet I know the names of their kit man and club photographer and couldn’t even name the assistant coach of my club!

  6. Your English is Good.

    Kun might well end his career in independiente. In fact he probably will. But not as young as 28. All the worlds best players play in Europe during their prime because as a footballer it is the place to be.

    You are letting your heart rule your head. If you think about it rationaly you will see the chances of Kun Aguero moving back to the Argentine League at 28 is very small. Maybe one day, But not until he is near the end of his career.

  7. I feel like a peeing Tom watching City videos. You come across as real snobs. If I were in charge of your club, I would have a SERIOUS word with the PR-department. I wish City all the best, but much of this claptrap is not gonna improve your standing.