FIFA 11 Game of the Week | Manchester United vs Manchester City

A simulation of the February 12th derby amongst metropolis rivals Manchester United and Manchester City. The EA Sports FIFA eleven engine has predicted the final result observed in the video clip, what are your predictions? For a lot more data on FIFA eleven check out: Examine our Facebook page at Adhere to us on Twitter:
Video Rating: four / five

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  2. @SniperKing9 So if you had 100 people and 95 were from Manchester and 5 weren’t, that’s pretty good odds.

  3. @cosybiscuit About 5 minutes before Rooney scored the goal, lescott had the ball on the left side near the half way line, getting pressured by rooney, lescott wrong footed him and passed it.

  4. hey i made a virtual pro for fifa 11 and hes on chelsea, but now unless im in quick match drogba is off the squad completely like if im playing not xbox live hes off and rameriz takes his spot and hes not on the roster and xbox live with friends my virtual pro takes his spot and hes not on the roster can some please help me find out how to get drogba back

  5. @FlyingLawnMower123 i know he did and it was a brilliant goal, but dont call me a shit bag, i dont think anyone was expecting him to

  6. @RPFS2008 im born outside manchester, and all my family in england are united supporters, goes back in generations. ! so go and have a wank will yah

  7. @donkosaurus plus, it was Kompany that had Rooney in his pocket for most of the game, not Lescott. You don’t even know you own team. Jog on and learn to watch the game.

  8. @donkosaurus clearly you are a bitter, bitter Citeh fan – “a lucky connection”? Yeah right, I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if Tevez had done THE EXACT SAME THING. You would be lauding it as the best strike ever. You just bitter because a world class goal won a game which actually had stature and importance to it. I guess your out of the title race, then!

  9. @donkosaurus Yeah lucky connection, is that why he took a step back, set him self and timed his strike perfectly and BOOM? I agree he wasn’t playing his best but you can’t argue with the strike you bitter bastard.

  10. stfu stop saying fix fifa if you dont like it stop playing it ! btw limaripoika is totaly right. no excuses about the goal rooney still needed the skill and timing.

  11. Rooney was playing pretty terrible, it was just an unlucky deflection, and a lucky connection.
    He got skilled by Lescott.

  12. Awesome, I betted on a 2-1 win for man u. I played online before the game… with the man u black kit, Man u won 4-0. Do you play online with the broadcast view often?