FC Barcelona vs Manchester City 0-1 Trofeo Joan Gamper 2009 SKY SPORTS 19/08/09

FC Barcelona vs Manchester City -1 Trofeo Joan Gamper 2009 SKY Sports
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. @12345n17 Lol legit, look at the Barca squad in the 5-0 killing of RMA NO DANI ALVES NO INIESTA SO STFU CUNT.

  2. @faintestspoon i know man..you win titles with good italian buses..thats the way to go about it..lol

  3. lol barca>man city. barca fans stop being so agitated. city fans are always like this, in the PL.

  4. Boring Boring City..just watched them yesterday get dominated by arsenal like little kids..for 90 minutes never got a shot on target.. i think they parked their team bus on the pitch..soemone get the keys for mancini

  5. This shows that English teams are very hard to beat nowadayz. And what are those shirts Barca are wearing. It looks like gym wear. Anyway, well done Man City.

  6. lol its a friendly why is everyone so serious im a city fan and i know barca would beat them in a champo game for E.G

  7. so close on 3 ext to drawing but any way man city had thier best players on , barca dident

  8. really bad, jeffren, sergio busquets, gudjohnson, montaya, fontas, pedro, krkic, pinto. barcelona thinks man city sucks? it plays in english division it is the best leauge of the world offocrse they lost with these players

  9. blancomac11 , ahahaha , yo soy del real madrid , y nose nada del barça , por eso lo pregunto , i si tu no me as respondido a la pregunta esqe tu sabes menos que yo Jajajajajajaja , ah i con todos mis respetos , pendejo eres tu 😉

  10. @XDJUANPABLO25 haha.jugo con zlatan y messi en la segunda parte o que no sabes que al inicio pusieron las alineaciones?