EXCLUSIVE City’s Town Hall Reception

Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. Lol whats up with Joe Hart’s eyes if he gets ordered to leave his glasses on at 04:25 must have had a heavy night the night before!

  2. 07:17 Tevez: La veo a la gorda y me acuerdo de mi mama haha

    07:17 Tevez: I saw the fat girl (the photographer) and reminds me of my mom.

    (sry for my bad English haha)

  3. Im a Liverpool fan and I agree with the rest, im so happy you snatched in front of the nose of those man utd fans. Congratulations City well deserved, you beat them in both of your games, and the away game was with humiliating tennis number. Well done!!

  4. Believe me when Everton got those 2 goals back I thought about moving house to live in Merseyside

  5. I’m a city supporter and I remember telling my friend 2 years ago he’s a united fan that we are gonna win the tittle in about 2 years that the players need to get to know each other n thanks god i was correct MANCHESTER CITY is here and no one would stop it.

  6. All I can say is this: if Everton had won the League the way you did, I would have rubbed it into everyone’s wounds. You are the luckiest bastards in the world – and you deserve it. Well done City!

  7. City won the league in the most triumphant and dramatic manner conceivable. Only the crude-minded and the envious would attempt to belittle their achievement.

  8. you just don’t understand. It’s not humiliation at all and that’s an understatement. City have spent so much in 3 years, more than any club, and they still couldn’t win the title by more than 10 points. They won it on goal difference, and could have almost lost it.

  9. You are entitled to your opinion. After all: we are not discussing mathematics. If I throw a rotten egg in your face, some might call it a humiliation, others reprehensible, and you may deem it an honour. One act – different designations.

  10. I don’t call that humiliation at all. The title was a tie on points and they lost on goal difference. Its what everybody expected to happen on the final day. At the end it looked like City might not make it, so utd waited around to see what happened and it turned out exactly like they and everyone else thought it would. what the fuck did you expect utd to do? Not wait? Get on the bus home or something? Big fucking deal. Get over it, it seems to have upset you more than anyone else.

  11. funny that… United would have won the title if not for that 5 goal margin… it would remove 5 goals scored from city and remove 5 goals scored from United. thus negating the 10 goal marginal difference.
    hilarious that….

  12. as a chelsea fan i found it wonderful too..

    (funny that. all forms of blue laughing at the reds….)
    Chelsea (blue) became the first london club to win the champions league ahead of london’s next best representative, Arsenal (red)

    Everton (blue) finished above their merseyside rivals liverpool (red)

    and City (blue) pipped their local rivals United (red) to the title

    Blue 3-0 Red

  13. Standing there at Stadium of Light with an upbeat manager thinking that it is only a matter of seconds before you can celebrate another title, only to be told the truth by the venomous jeers of the Sunderland fans…I call that humiliation. United were dethroned in the most painful way conceivable; City won the title in the dying seconds of the game – that surely hurts. And City beat United 6-1 at Old Trafford. As for Everton: “we don’t care what the redshite say.”

  14. Jesus Christ, you’re stupid aren’t you? I didn’t say playing football had anything to do with Hitler!!! I didn’t say people died when they transfered!!! I’m not comparing WW2 to a football transfer!!! You really are an idiot! I am comparing changing sides in the war for money to changing sides in football for money. That is what a “mercenary” is defined as. Look it up, idiot.

  15. Lol what has playing football have to do with hitler and all that? do people die during transfers ? I Get your point in a way but you cant campare WW2 with A Transfer to be honest

  16. I hate both City & Utd but I don’t understand why you say city humiliated utd? They both had the same points!!! City were ahead for the last couple of weeks and it was just goal difference that separated them in the end! How is that a humiliation? if anything everton were the ones humiliated – they finished well below BOTH teams!!!!!