Emblem Manchester City | Black Ops 2 | By SergioPS360HD

Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. @CaptainCharZzma i had to delete the dots between MCFC because id ran out of spaces, he skips the video though at the end so i or anyone else doesnt have a clue what he did.

  2. Dude what happens @ 8:47 with the stars, they just appear out of nowhere? What did you delete?

  3. o and he also got rid of the outline along the bottom of the shield it looks like

  4. When he first blocks out the left and right eagle he uses 3 squares, but i think he goes back and does it in one which is why the eagle changes at the end. I did this and it worked for me, but i was still one short because i put a period after the last C in mcfc where he left it out