Coventry City FC – Last Game @ Highfield Rd, 30th April 2005

Targets of the final game at Highfield Road Stadium filmed from the Principal Stand. The filming was carried out by the CCFC Video clip Crew who were responsible for sending it stay all around the stadium and every single match was utilized for instruction reasons by the team manager & coaching staff.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. @riddscommy, the move to the ricoh started when we was in the prem and was ment to be a 45,000 capacity stadium however in the year we moved the year or 2 before we got relegated, it is the worst move in the world if we was in the prem it wouldnt of been, highfield road was the place for atmosphere now the ricoh is the place to go for a nap

  2. I’m a Palace fan, was at the game at the Ricoh today. Having watched this I cant see why on Earth you left Highfield Road. The Ricoh has no atmosphere, charm and you can barely half fill it. Can someone explain to me whose idea it was to move?

  3. @addey83 god your on youtube hahaha. im giving loads of peeps shit. did you know gatwick is still closed and im meant to be flying from there sat. GOD

  4. @TheKenney81. Yeah i remember. I got Dales ticket cos he was moving in with that nutcase that day so only went last minute. Really glad i did!!

  5. The Richo will gain character by hosting some fantastic days for the boys in sky blue. Give it time and get behind the lads!

  6. I was at this game. Brilliant. Andy Whing scored on his first touch of the game. Im glad the city kicked on in the second half and scored 2 in front of the West End. It would have been an injustice if the East stand hogged all the action last game as they were always quiet down that end and West End never stopped singing. RIP Highfield Road

  7. @nurderhsv94 good for you man i live in cov but support Chelsea but still got love for cov 😉

  8. Been a Cov fan all my life and my first memories were of Peter Unlove and Dion Dublin.

    I remember that day, I was about 15/16, my entire family went and we were approached by people outside the stadium asking to buy our tickets, they said they weren’t fans of either team but wanted to see the stadium one last time.

    I also remember my Grandad starting to cry when Jimmy Hill came on, it’s a shame we left and even more of a shame that we’re struggling at the moment.

  9. ahhhh such good times what a day that was , shame the players aint got that much passion now

  10. I was there & watching this brings a tear to my eye. Absolutely criminal what they sold Highfield Road for, must be about 400 houses/flats there now. Cheers Mr. Robinson!! Keep the faith, brothers, we will return to the big time!!!

  11. what a joke your fans hwere last night whats all this forver together garbage????????

  12. We will need the Ricoh when we get promoted, keep the faith, Ranson has cleared a 46 million debt it takes time we are making progress and hey at least we don’t have to watch Leon Best anymore 😉 City till I die.

  13. Amazing last goal by Whingey. They should never have got rid of the ground. The Ricoh is fucking soulless. The money you spend in the ground doesnt go to the club, its bullshit.

  14. It’s because we’re Coventry and we are so unpredictable 😛

    It was a great match, saved us from the drop and sent us out of Highfield Road with a bang!

    Play up Sky Blues!!!

  15. right i dont get how we can play like one amazing team like this one day but then play like a pile of wank for the rest of the season :-S it was one amazing day and we played beautifuly. Sky Blue Army!!

  16. Ahh I personally love the Ricoh, i’m 19 and I’v only supported Cov for 6 years so I’v spent more tim at the Ricoh than Highfield Rd.
    I do miss the character of it though.
    And wow Dele Adebola’s goal was amazing compared to the crap he normally played.

  17. live in Germany, watched Cov on Sky against Scunthorpe on Sunday. Could cry when I compare CCFC today with here. I don’t blame Coleman though. No money is the biggest problem.

  18. I am actually a hamburg supporter, but in England I support Coventry! Great game, sky blues forever!

  19. Adebola’s goal was amazing. Why cant cov play like that all the time. Like a different team. God bless the Sky Blues.