Chelsea 2-4 Manchester City 27 2 10 Full Highlight

Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @lordargos1 things can get different if the goal was allowed and England can beat German becoz they always do in any competition. The referee is not to be blame also not the germans but English is much unlucky in this match.To say the goal is not a goal is not also true but is all up to the ref. But even argentina with the players like messi and tevez coul not do anything against germany. Only the spanish players like iniesta,torres and xavi could tear down germany.

  2. @Z0MBREX Germany didnt cheat, it was the referee’s decision to cancel the goal, even so the germans were owning the English, they couldnt mount a decent attack and Lampard goal which was not given was clearly a fluke, even with the goal granted, it was impossible for England to beat Germany.

  3. If Hilario was not so far off his line on the PK he would have saved it stupid. Why wasn’t Cech there.

  4. qe pesimo arqero suplente el del chelsea
    ahora entiendo porque check ataja hasta con casco,
    ingland busqense arqeros,

  5. oh shit what a bitch move by wayne bridge to not shake terry’s hand…unless theres some history i dont know about? :S

  6. @MrMcfc123 Yeah well done, try and insult me personally rather than talk about football because you lack the knowledge. Was a season ticket holder for close to a decade but only go to odd games like cup games now. How about City than? Another £30 million on YET ANOTHER striker? More pathetic than us we where swhere spending for fun. What ever happened to Santa Cruz? or Jo? Does Adebayor even exist any more? Tevez has shown how little he cares about City and Balottelli is just mental.

  7. @cfcsteve86 where to fucking start, you know fuck all about your own team!!!!!! success and titles heavily in your favour, please read up or shut up, my mates a chelsea fan like you, he lives in london and never watches them play, then when they win something comes out the fucking woodwork and shouts his mouth off. i actually prefer the fans at the swamp than you. jt, drogba, lampard, cole, anelka, malouda. all 30 or older. i’d be worried if i was a chelsea fan.

  8. @Sebastiankobman fuck off stop watching premier league videos then go back to bundesliga where all the players are german and none of them are foreign .. right?
    and recently germany only beat england because of cheating when lampard scored and his goal was taken off him. fact.

  9. @MrMcfc123 Yeah and we won the title and league cup in our second season, you’re in your first and what have you done? Oh yeah, beat us three times. Well done, £300 million pounds well spent.

  10. I’m very disappointed of the premier league.. everything is dominated by fuckin money. and the national team loses all the time against us, germany !! and everytime you think you have great player (gerrard, lampard, rooney), but in fact your league is so strong because of expensive foreign player.. english player suck. bye bye tradition, ýou will ever walk alone….

  11. @cfcsteve86 you’ve had money for about 7 fucking years we’ve had it about 2 and a half. so i think we have spent better if we’ve managed to beat you 3 times. btw chelsea fans are shit my gran sings louder than you lot.

  12. @MrMcfc123 Where to start? OK, first you think you’ve spent it better cos you beat us 3 times? People judge success on trophies won which is heavily in our favour seeing how you haven’t won one for god knows how long. And laughing at us losing to Wolves? You lost to them with a team that cost almost £170 million wile we ploat to them with a team that cost £50 million cheaper so i think i’m laughing loudest 🙂

  13. @cfcsteve86 mate. abramovich gave you fucking miions and we’ve got fucking millions but its clear that we clearly spend our monet better cos we’ve beaten you the last 3 timesand AHAHAHAHA WOLVES BEAT YOU DICKHEAD.