Blue Moon-Manchester City Football Club-Updated Lyrics

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. @LeoOwnsWwe They’re just 2nd generation glory hunters hanging on from the Liverpool glory days. Get real mate.

  2. @LeoOwnsWwe we averaged 30,000 fans a game when we were in the 3rd division. so you can tell urself that we are about the money but the heart has always been there.

  3. @LeoOwnsWwe no english club supporters could ever compete with the famous glasgow CELTIC… FACT!!!!

  4. @LeoOwnsWwe why dont u guys suck on the relegation zone u ass. we are second so suck it

  5. I Support Man U,, MCFC Great Rival But This Song I One Of The Best Mate 🙂

  6. brillaint video, supported city all my life 🙂 thanks dad for showing me the way ;D

    ..i love all the hating that goes on as well, we are rich now and owned by arabs (whats wrong with with arabs anyway) , fucking get over it 😀

  7. Glory fans we was filling are ground in the second division if that’s glory fans united are local fans.
    And Liverpool most loyalist only 25% of there fans come from Liverpool ans plus where are all the Liverpool fans now there crap again.

  8. Never heard of a gunner who bums bin dippers!!! Dont worry mate, You’ll be singing this when your bottom of the league!!
    Gloooooooooooory Huntin!!!!!

  9. nah this is a fact: everyone from manchester supports city. everyone from china/japan/korea support united. hahaha

  10. Indeed loyal supporters…. when you had 30,000 people at maine road when city were in league two, now thats loyalty….. I am happy you are not a supporter of the SCUMS though.. wonder how many would turn up when they get relegated.. they might have to sell the theatre of dreams…

  11. of course the scousers have MORE loyal supporters…..a lot of people around the world that no nothing about football like to attach themselves to the Beatles….and that’s coming from a Rolling Stones fan !

  12. the most loyal supporters?? r u joking?? all glory fans as they got money now…
    liverpool fc hav most loyalest supporters and thats coming from an arsenal fan!

  13. Correction, we are not owned by Arabs, we are owned by Abu’s. Get a map.