Adam Johnson – Manchester City & England *2010*

Highlights of the Manchester City & England winger’s recent performances.
Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. i think he is great even if i am a boro fan still upset at that fact we sold him for 7.5m hate to think what he is really worth just know 1 thought to tell boro >.<

  2. the runs behind the defense from the right hand side.. nice ball through goal! i dont see anyone doing that anymore.

  3. He’s a really good player, everybody loves 2 see him play, finally stupid Mancini lets him play!
    Silva & Johnson are good together!

  4. @15simpson15
    umad …
    u dont title him the best player when he set up 2 good crosses and scored a goal..

  5. @uns07cmu wilshere doesn’t play wing, i think a future mid line would be johnson, rodwell, wishere, lennon

  6. Good player, but very much overhyped… hes hardly a young boy anymore by todays standards… compare him to other top class wingers…. he doesnt even come close… Much rather have wilshere… much better influence on the game at 18… Arsenal!!!

  7. yeah if only that old fuck would play them..meaning johnson and lennon on the wings and rodwell and wilshere should get some start at the middle..if only johnson was a bit faster he would be unstoppable..

  8. balotelli>johnson anyway england have amazing wingers maybe can win the eurocup of 2012? by a spanish

  9. @CarlosLeftEyebrow i dont know i reckon he is as good as giggs, i mean this guy i salmost impossible to stop.